Mein Trumpf: The Trump Swear


Trump swear

Donald Trump told his audience at a rally last night to come vote even if they need an ambulance – he’ll pay for it! He asked who liked him and received a loud positive response. He then said can I have a pledge with raised hands that, no matter the conditions – hurricanes, whatever, – I will solemnly swear to vote for Donald J. Trump for president.

“Nah, I really appreciate it, we’re having an amazing time,” he added.

He’s just kidding folks!

The KKK references are back, Hitler comparisons are everywhere, and he’s being accused of embracing white supremacists.

Trump is funny and this nonsense is just meant to keep things interesting. It’s a joke! The left is running with it and using it to terrorize their readers.

Even people on the right are attacking him as a Hitler. Glenn Beck makes that comparison and was recently visited by the FBI for suggesting the stabbing wouldn’t stop if he sat next to him. Beck too was joking.

People need to chill. Bad jokes aren’t cause for alarm.

The leftists are putting up phony videos in which they ask alleged Trump supporters if they agreed with certain quotes and the quotes are from Hitler. The people are obviously actors – bad actors. It’s only going to get worse.

Watch the oath:


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