Melania Gets Bolton’s Deputy Fired After Issuing a Public Statement


Melania Trump took the unusual step of publicly calling for the firing of the National Security Adviser John Bolton’s deputy. She is the one who helped him reorganize the department.

Shortly after making the statement, Deputy National Security Adviser Mira Ricardel was fired and escorted from the White House.

Five current and former White House officials said Tuesday that Ricardel had berated people in meetings, yelled at professional staff, argued with the First Lady and spread rumors about Secretary Mattis. All five officials said she was deeply disliked in the White House, according to The Washington Post.

Trump’s office said Bolton’s top aide “no longer deserves the honor” of serving in the White House.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Melania’s staff clashed in Africa over expenses and seating on the plane. The First Lady’s team suspected Ricardel of spreading negative stories about Mrs. Trump and her staff.

Ricardel repeatedly clashed with Secretary Mattis and his team, the WSJ reported further, over staffing and policy differences. Defense Department officials were wary of her intentions.

For the First Lady to issue a public statement, Ricardel must be a piece of work. Whatever possessed her to pick fights with Melania Trump?

Social media is trashing Melania, claiming she thinks she’s a Queen. We tend to think Ricardel was that bad, but who knows.


There are renewed rumors that Chief of Staff John Kelly will be out over disagreements with the First Lady. Other rumors say he might leave over the possible firing of his selection for DHS Secretary, Kristjen Nielsen.

Rumors of Kristjen Nielsen’s departure are growing.

A few weeks ago, Bolton complained that Nielsen is doing a terrible job on the border. He and Kelly fought over Nielsen and immigration.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the President is aware that he might lose John Kelly if he forces Nielsen out but he is resigned to it and will replace him with Nick Ayers, Vice President Pence’s Chief of Staff.

We like John Kelly and hope he stays.

Those rumors have been around for a while.

The media claims the President wants someone who will take a stronger stand implementing his agenda on border security. All of that is from the MSM and they are right sometimes.

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