Melania’s Christmas video is a “horror film” & her coat is “ridiculous,” say lefties


First lady Melania Trump’s White House Christmas tree display, which she debuted on Sunday, is on the receiving end of online mockery.

Some critics said the first lady’s “Spirit of America” video was reminiscent of a horror film, comparing some of its contents to the scary movie classic “The Shining.”

Fox News reports that this comes after the two previous exhibits — last year’s “blood red trees” and 2017’s hallway of “sticks” — were also compared to horror flicks such as “The Blair Witch Project.”

Well, at least she doesn’t put Mao Christmas balls on the trees like the Obamas.

Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givhan didn’t find fault with the decorations, which were spectacular, but she did torch the beautiful First Lady.

First, look at the decorations and the First Lady:

Now Read What the WaPo Critic says:

Getting back to the WaPo critic. Givhan said, “For her tour, Mrs. Trump wears all white: a dress with a simple jewel neckline, white stiletto-heeled pumps, and a white coat,” Givhan wrote. “The coat is draped over her shoulders as she strolls through the White House.”

“The coat looks ridiculous.”

The first lady’s coat is “more than a silly fashion folly,” she continued with extreme pettiness.

“The coat is a distraction. It’s a discomforting affectation taken to a ludicrous extreme. In a video that is intended to celebrate the warmth and welcoming spirit of the holiday season, that simple flourish exudes cold, dismissive aloofness,” she wrote like a jealous bitty.

Givhan Snootily Talks of Lalanne Sheep

“As Trump gazes pleasantly at all that her staff and a host of volunteers have accomplished, her attire suggests that she’s casually passing through and has little affinity for the occasion. She’s not getting comfortable, so why should you?”

“She has styled herself in a manner that contradicts what her staff has so often insisted — that she is an engaged hostess who sweats the details and frets about her guests’ comfort,” Givhan added. “Instead, she looks like the sort of host who greets her guests at the front door, tells them to remove their shoes and warns them not to sit on the Lalanne sheep.”

Where does she get this gibberish? Honestly. The woman is a nut.

“The coat tossed over the shoulders is a generic styling maneuver. It’s often used in editorial photographs so that a model can show off the entirety of an ensemble, including what’s underneath the coat, because all of it has been thoughtfully coordinated. But even the most devoted fashion stylist realizes that at a certain point, when aesthetics start to overwhelm logic, when a flourish becomes a cliche, it’s time to retire it. For Trump, the cliche seems to be a crutch — a way of not having to be fully present.”

There’s much, much more. Givhan claimed the first lady is “all body language and aesthetics” and that “she is the mistress of the house inspecting the work of others.”

“Her attire would be less attention-grabbing if she took off her coat and indicated that she was happy to stay a while,” Givhan concluded.

Now Look at How Givhan Dresses

This is Robin Givhan in a strange looking dress with red blotches on it. Compare her outfit to Melania’s. This woman is probably jealous. Just guessing. She must have a lot of brass to criticize Melania when she dresses as she does.



  1. I had seen part of this nasty jealous hag’s article. I loved the “blood” red in the WH…it was cranberry trees and it was as beautiful as is this years.

  2. The White-house has never been so tastefully decorated in what looks like a white Christmas morning as the sun light touches the snow covered branches on the trees giving it a shimmering crystal appearance as they catch the light. If you don’t see the beauty in that you unfortunately lack the see the beauty in life. …. As for the self appointed fashion guru; someone please hide her sketch book, if what she was wearing was any indication of her sense of fashion. She looked like she went dumpster diving at Crazy Carries Cast-off Closet. Melania was stunning and added to the beauty of the winter white theme. The coat was lovely and was perfect for a walk through the winter wonderland that a very creative designer recreated our white-house.

    • Incidentally I looked at the last two years before and Melania had in the same type outfit. Seems the nasty people are in more of a frenzy as time goes on.. It is election year after all;)

  3. I would have preferred if you had just reported on the beauty of Melania’s tastefully decorating the White House with Christmas cheer and that the hateful Left can’t put a damper on The Spirit of Christmas 2019. There is no please the Hateful Left so why bother giving them any press?

  4. Nothing like double standards for the bitter left. And of course if you criticize this wenches dress and attire, you would be a racist. These buffoons can dish it out but they can’t seem to take it.

  5. The White House decorations are, once again, fantastic. Thank you, Melania, for such a great job. Absolutely beautiful.
    Finally a FLOTUS who appreciates what this country is all about and is not afraid to show it.
    Ignore the haters, like Ms.Givhan, that’s just what they do. Haters gotta hate.
    KAG 2020. TRUMP 2020.

  6. Wow, what a cat. All hissy and scratchy. What was she commenting on, supposedly the entire Christmas layout, but this sounded like a personal stab at Melania Trump. If this was suppose to be a triump for Givhan, it wasn’t. Showed just how mean spirited she was about Christmas too. And that goes for the news media she was working for.

  7. Can this ugly inside and out Woman get anymore Petty? She doesnt even know how to look attractive herself and she is downing a SUPER MODEL who has made her fortune on her looks alone! Also speaks 5 languages! She beats this scum bag 10 over

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