Memos Are Out! Comey Is Dishonest, Nothing Criminal for Trump


The Comey memos have been released.

Comey said in the memos the President “needed” and “expected” loyalty. According to him, Trump also wanted proof the dossier was a lie. There was no suggestion of collusion or obstruction by Comey in the memos. They do, however, show that Comey is dishonest.

Director Comey was dishonest with the President from the beginning. He never told the President the dossier was put together by Hillary Clinton and the DNC who used a foreign agent to do it. They also appear to have involved Russians in creating the dossier. Instead, Comey told the President the Russians had something on him.

In the memos, Comey describes a call in which the President tells Comey to investigate anyone he needs to investigate, even his own staff.

There is nothing close to an obstruction of justice charge. There is nothing criminal in these memos, at least not for President Trump.

It is also clear the President didn’t trust McCabe. Comey reassured him but Trump was right.

Trump was right again.

The memos make it clear that Comey saw himself as an opponent of the President. He also noted he was afraid going into the first meeting with Trump. Why?

There is also a question as to whether Comey leaked classified memos. It appears four of the seven included classified information.

House Intelligence Committee members have said this evening that what Comey testified to behind closed doors does not match what he is saying publicly now. They would like that testimony released to the public.

James Comey is the one who suggested the obstruction charge and maneuvered to get Special Counsel Robert Mueller — his friend — appointed.

The President responded in a tweet.

Former U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy, a writer for National Review Online, wants the President to stop tweeting about Comey’s dishonesty because his memos are the best proof there was no collusion or obstruction. He also believes the only defense Andrew McCabe could come up with is it’s political and the President should stop tweeting about that as well. Good points?

2018-4-19 Comey Memo – Enclosure Unclassified by Fox News on Scribd

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