Menendez Insists Egypt Include Brotherhood in Their Government


weasel menendez

Photo of suggested protest sign for Egyptians – add Bob Menedez to the American leaders who support terrorists

Weasel Bob Menendez says that the Muslim Brotherhood thugs must be part of a future Egyptian government. It’s pretty sad when shady politicians like Menendez think they have the right to meddle in Egypt’s affairs.

“Of course, an Egypt for all includes in my mind, participation from the Muslim Brotherhood,” Menendez said on “Meet the Press”

He expounded:

Well, I — I do think that the — the reality is that this is a very nascent democracy. This country doesn’t have a history of democracy. And what we expect of democracy overnight is not something we’re going to see here. So, we were trying to nurture along a path that would move to what really needs to happen, which is an Egypt for all. The only way that Egypt will succeed is if it’s an Egypt for all. And that means a — a participation in the government of all different sectors of Egyptian society. And so, the reality now is what do we do and using our assistance as leverage at the end of the day…

He wants an Egypt-for-all now that Morsi is gone but never said that when Morsi was only representing the Brotherhood and the radical Islamists.

Menendez made it clear that aid to the military would depend on Egypt going to a civilian government quickly AND “we have to get a process in which we urge all of the parties to participate together.”

He wants to make aid contingent on Egypt incorporating the Brotherhood into their government.

Menendez would rather have seen early elections than a coup but didn’t explain how the people were supposed to make that happen.

He speaks for Obama. You can be sure of that.

Bloomberg reported that Obama continues to urge Egyptian leaders to pursue “a transparent political process that is inclusive of all parties and groups,” including “avoiding any arbitrary arrests of Mursi and his supporters.”

In fact, the interim government has offered to include the Brotherhood though they don’t seem interested. It still doesn’t explain why our leaders are pretending to not take sides but are siding with Islamo-Fascists. I have a novel idea, why don’t they butt out of Egypt’s affairs?


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