Menendez Rails About Trump Making it Illegal for Illegals to Drive Drunk


Sen.Bob Menenedez, screenshot

Senator Bob Menendez is irate that President Trump is making criminals out of innocent illegal aliens if they cross the border illegally or drive drunk.

If illegal aliens have been convicted of driving while under the influence, he believes they should not be labeled criminals or face jail time.

Uh, we thought that was illegal. Apparently, it is not for illegal aliens. They also get away with forging and stealing IDs. Only citizens have to pay for those crimes.

He doesn’t want those crimes to be deportable offenses. Menendez thinks the President made these offenses into crimes.

Uh, no, Congress did. They passed the laws.

When he speaks about detention beds in the clip below, he complains that ICE is out of control, not illegal immigrants, but rather the agency trying to stop them. Idiot Wolf just lets him prattle on, spinning and spinning.

Menendez doesn’t want ICE to have an unlimited budget so he wants to limit detention beds. A letter from 3,000 sheriffs says it would mean letting violent criminal aliens go. Democrats sent the Socialist radicals to negotiate for the wall and the entire party is backing the extremism.

If Menendez wants the budget limited, he must build the wall.

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joseph l boggs
joseph l boggs
4 years ago

this man has no honor or credibility. And is a disgrace to all Americans and is another nail in the democrats’ coffin

John Vieira
John Vieira
4 years ago
Reply to  joseph l boggs

Honourable??? The man is a democrat…get real!!! Stupidity just comes naturally to them also!!!