Merkel’s Germany Is Largest Bilateral Donor to Palestinian Territories Tied to Terrorism


Angela Merkel’s Germany is the “largest bilateral donor to the Palestinian territories,” according to Merkel herself.

According to Bild News, Merkel boasted:

This visit was worthwhile – at least for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (83). A man who, in his dissertation, played down the Holocaust, who spoke of Jews as “well-poisoners” and who had not been elected for ten years.

At the joint press conference, Chancellor Angela Merkel (65) said: “We are now the largest bilateral donors in the Palestinian territories.” The federal government announced that in 2018 about 166.2 million euros flowed to the Palestinians. In addition, Germany transferred about 173.2 million euros to the UN relief agency for Palestinian refugees.

Germany says they are supporting their economic development.

Merkel continues to push for a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine and thinks, for some unknown reason, that’s how they will “live in peace and security.”

“We appreciate Chancellor Merkel’s efforts to create multilateral cooperation aside from unilateral solutions to create stability and peace in the world,” the terrorist-supporting Mahmoud Abbas said.

He stressed the importance of Germany’s role in the Middle East and thanked the country for its financial support for Palestinian organizations.

During the past several years, government agencies in Germany have come under intense scrutiny in Israel for funding Palestinian organizations linked to terror, anti-Semitism, and other forms of hate and extremism.

Last year, she was slammed for funding Palestinian textbooks that praise martyrdom.

One of those terrorist groups, Hezbollah, attacked Israel just today.

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