Merry Christmas Shooting in Irvington NJ, Expect More of This in 2014


Merry Christmas from Irvington.

According to CBS Local, five were shot and 3 killed outside a strip club. One man, Pierre Clervoyant, the club owner’s son, was believed an innocent caught up in the crossfire.


One bystander told 1010 Wins: “There’s always shootings there, man. That ain’t the first time somebody got shot and killed at Slick’s, that happens all the time,” the man said. “It’s terrible out here, that ain’t nothing surprising.”

There were at least two other reported shootings at the club since 2010 but the Christmas Day surprise was a nice touch for what is probably a gang attack.

Irvington has had a slight tick down in crime but they are still way above the average and comparable violent cities in NJ such as Newark.

See how dangerous Irvington, NJ is compared to nearest cities:
(Note: Higher means more crime)

Irvington crime

Charts via city-data

Irvington’s Mayor, Wayne Smith, is a Progressive. In mid-November, he said he wanted to redistribute property from investors to the poor via Eminent Domain using a Progressive scheme that puts the burden for the underwater homes on the backs of the banks and their investors. It then puts homes in the hands of crony politicians for redistribution.

It’s not a forward-looking plan. The problem of course, beside the fact that it’s un-American, is what bank will want to ever give out mortgages in Irvington again? Or even invest. Who will want to move into the place?

This will only add to their potential bankruptcy problems. They are an -up-and-coming bankruptcy city with a Progressive in charge who will implement more of the bad policies that are destroying cities in the US.

Irvington was listed as one of the “20 Cities That may Face Bankruptcy After Detroit” by Newsmax.

Newsmax said this about Irvington, which was listed as sixth most endangered after Harrisburg, PA:

Irvington, N.J.
Irvington has a violent crime rate six times higher than New Jersey’s average, with Moody’s citing “wealth indicators below state and national averages and tax-base and population declines due to increased tax appeals and foreclosures.”

The answer to crime is tougher policing and the answer to foreclosures is jobs. Wayne’s policies don’t get people there.

With policies like Mayor Wayne’s, combined with the serious crime rate, we can expect to see more wealth flee and more strip clubs, and more shootings.


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