Merry Leftist Christmas: Riots Begin Over Criminal Who Aimed Gun at Cop


Antonio Martin, an 18-year old suspected black criminal, was shot by a white police officer and killed in St. Louis Tuesday night after Martin aimed a gun at the officer. It’s all on video but that doesn’t stop the looters and “peaceful protesters.”

A six-year veteran of the town’s police department who was responding to a report of a theft, got out of his car to talk to two men at the gas station. One of the men was Antonio Martin, according to police chief Belmar.

Martin pointed a loaded 9-millimetre handgun at the officer, Mr Belmar said.

The officer then shot and killed the suspect.

The second man is still on the run.

The gun was found at the scene with a defaced serial number.

Martin’s girlfriend is telling people he didn’t deserve to die. Watch as a lie is spread about how it went down:

Watch the surveillance footage as Martin raises a gun:

But Taurean Russell, co-founder of Hands Up United, asked if police had any reason to question Martin in the first place. Mistrust of police remains high among blacks, many of whom are weary of harassment, said Russell, who is black.

He is also running an extremely far-left group.

Who were they going to stop? Everyone around was black.

“Distrust” is the word they use to justify crimes and riots.

An angry crowd went out of control afterwards in the location where Martin was shot. That can be seen in the photo below. Riots, which are being labeled protests by the media have continued for two nights. They shut down the Interstate 170.

angry crowd where Martin was shot

A mob of 200 to 300 people gathered at the site of the shooting, and bricks and three fireworks were thrown, two of them at the roughly 50 officers at the scene, St Louis County police chief Jon Belmar said.

Two officers were injured and four people were arrested for assault before calm was restored, Mr Belmar said.

Watch the video:

The looting began Christmas Eve morning in Berkeley Missouri. A QuikTrip was looted and a small fire was extinquished.

Police had to guard the Cathedral because “protesters” threatened to disrupt midnight mass.

guarding the cathedral

Some of the protesters are kids looking for a cause. Radical leftists mingle with the groups influencing and prompting them.

Someone needs to explain to me how they can call these riots “protests.”

Are we seriously going to allow this to continue?

The administration pretends riots are protests. They want people to believe that the black crime rate is because of whites and vile police officers so they manufacture crises based on lies to turn our justice system into an unjust social justice system.

This is the leftist America which is being fundamentally transformed before our eyes.

Featured photo by David Carson/St. Louis Dispatch

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