Meryl Streep’s Cousin Kicked Sarah Sanders Out of the Red Hen


Virginia State congressman Ben Cline apologized for the rude harassment of the Sanders family when they dined at the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia.

Stephanie Wilkinson Is Meryl Streep’s Cousin

Congressman Cline also explained that the owner who kicked her and her family out, Sarah Wilkinson, is Meryl Streep’s cousin. That explains a lot. Meryl Streep thinks Harvey Weinstein is ‘god’ and she adores pedophile Roman Polanski.

Her “Moral Convictions” or Hate?

The owner of the Red Hen, Stephanie Wilkinson, was called in by the waiters, some of whom are gay, because they wanted Sanders and her family kicked out. Wilkinson gladly obliged.

Wilkinson claimed she did it because of “moral convictions”, but she is objecting to two policies not biblical dictates. She is offended by the forsaken military transgender policy and the separation of children at the border which went on under Barack Obama. Apparently, Wilkinson and the staff believe it is better to place migrant children in the care of coyotes, human traffickers, and drug cartel members. So much for their “moral convictions”.

The woman kicked her and her family out after they started eating and did it in the name of “honesty, compassion, and cooperation”. Really?

Sarah Sanders handled it with dignity and how did the left react? They want to charge her with ethical violations for discretely confirming it on the twitter account.

Stephanie Wilkinson did mention the Sanders party offered to pay but she was so kind that she said “the mouthpiece of Trump” got that “on the house.” Liberal kindness is a sight to behold.

How generous she was after humiliating her.

The Red Hen owner said she would do it again,  “Absolutely, yes. She felt the need to live up to her “moral convictions.”.

“This feels like the moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to uphold their morals,” Wilkinson said.

It’s not a Socialist democracy babe, it’s a Republic and your morals suck!

Rep. Goodlatte Explained Wilkinson Is the Exception

Rep. Bob Goodlatte also tweeted that what the press secretary experienced in Lexington is “very unfortunate” and “doesn’t reflect accurately upon the kind and caring people of Lexington that I know.” He hopes she will “come back to visit.”

The left is showing their true colors. Why don’t we hear any criticism of the uncivil behavior? Why do Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi say nothing about violence by Antifa and Black Lives Matter or the harassment of government officials? The reason is that they agree with it.

They are attacking the good men and women of ICE for doing their job. This is dangerous and it will get worse. They will do anything to win.

It’s sad that good liberals are being swept up in the new far-left Democrat Party.



  1. Where does the communist, Meryl Streep live and “dine”?? Life is always a double edged sword. What is good for enemies of Meryl Streeeeep is also good for Meryl Streeeeeeep

  2. The owner should change The Red Hen to The Commie Chicken. Commie chickens try to “rule the nest” and squak too much!

  3. So this is the kind of complete fascist bullshit that you moronic deplorables read, huh? No wonder the rest of the world has come to hate us.

    • You are confused. Liberal fascism is what is playing out here. Lib Fascists are dehumanizing and threatening the right. They are the ones admiring evil people like Maxine Waters and they are the ones silencing people with whom they disagree.

  4. I want to explain just how Stephanie Wilkinson and Meryl Streep are related:

    Stephanie Wilkinson’s father was corporate executive David Preis Wilkinson (1924-2008), originally from New Jersey. One of David P. Wilkinson’s older sisters, Mary Wolf Wilkinson (1915-2001), married Harry Wilbur Streep, Jr. (1909-2003) on October 20, 1940, in New Jersey. They were the parents of actress Meryl Streep (born 1949). Mary Wilkinson Streep was thus Stephanie Wilkinson’s aunt, and Stephanie Wilkinson (born 1962) and Meryl Streep are thus first cousins.

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