#MeToo Mafia Destroys a Brilliant Scientist Over Nothing


Pervert Jeffrey Epstein, who endeared himself to the rich and famous, also collected underage girls to dole out to other perverts. One of those accused beneficiaries of Epstein’s largess is the late Marvin Minsky who co-founded the MIT artificial intelligence lab.

One of Epstein’s 17-year-olds said she had sex with the then-73-year-old Minsky, voluntarily at Epstein’s urging.

The students at MIT protested the dead Mr. Minsky, saying Minsky assaulted the girl.

Richard Stallman, a visiting MIT scientist, and renowned computer scientist, a stickler for words, complained that the word “assault” implied coercion which was never alleged.

He wanted the truth and the exact words to be used. That’s usually how scientists work.

While he did not support Epstein or Minsky, Mr. Stallman wrote, “We know that [she] was being coerced into sex by Epstein. She was being harmed … we can imagine many scenarios but the most plausible scenario is that she presented herself to him as entirely willing.”

He didn’t say she was “willing” but likely presented herself that way. That phrase cost him his job and his reputation.

The press viciously attacked him, claiming falsely that he said the victims were “entirely willing” in their sexual services. He never said it nor implied it.

Stallman was forced to leave MIT and the organization he founded.

The press, including Fox News and the NY Post misquoted him and destroyed his reputation.

This is the new McCarthyism.

The story came from Ken LaCorte, who runs his own unbiased news service. Mr. LaCorte was the man who ran Fox News Online until the purge.

He explains what the press did to Mr. Stallman in this clip:

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