#MeToo Schneiderman Resigns Within Hours of Awful Sexual Assault Allegations


The New York Times is reporting that hours after four women accused the #MeToo Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, of seuxal assault, he has resigned. 

“It’s been my great honor and privilege to serve as attorney general for the people of the State of New York,” Mr. Schneiderman said in a statement. “In the last several hours, serious allegations, which I strongly contest, have been made against me.

“While these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office, they will effectively prevent me from leading the office’s work at this critical time. I therefore resign my office, effective at the close of business on May 8, 2018.”

It’s a stunning fall for a member of the Resistance and a #MeToo champion for women.

Four women said they were choked, hit, slapped, and one was threatened with death. One said he told her he’d tap her phones if she broke up with him.

All the women in the article, who had been romantically involved with Mr. Schneiderman, said the violence was not consensual.

Schneiderman denied the accusations and said the acts were consensual, but Governor Cuomo wasn’t buying it and called for him to resign.

“My personal opinion is that, given the damning pattern of facts and corroboration laid out in the article, I do not believe it is possible for Eric Schneiderman to continue to serve as attorney general,” Mr. Cuomo said.

Senator Gillibrand followed up Cuomo’s statement.

The Times wrote: The call was echoed by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who led the charge to oust Al Franken from the Senate. “The violent actions described by multiple women in this story are abhorrent,” she said in a statement. “Based on this extensive and serious reporting, I do not believe that Eric Schneiderman should continue to serve as attorney general.

#MeToo AG 

Also from the Times: Mr. Schneiderman had been previously outspoken about women’s issues, announcing, for instance, a lawsuit against the company once run by the former filmmaker Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of decades of sexual misconduct. “We have never seen anything as despicable as what we’ve seen right here,” Mr. Schneiderman said then.

Schneiderman has politicized the office of attorney general, using it to settle scores with the Trumps. He even hoped to imprison climate doubters.

And on Monday evening, Mr. Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr., dug up an old tweet from Mr. Schneiderman in which he said “No one is above the law” and tweeted at him, “You were saying???”

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4 years ago

A few years ago Trump and his organization filed an ethics complaint against Schneiderman and there were many details within the documents that give some idea of who and what this character is made of. From some of the exhibits contained therein I suspect Trump was so engaged with many politicians that he know things that, if revealed, could be disastrous for them. Of course he cannot just blurt them out as there isn’t any substantial proof so, instead, he can post “vague” tweets. Trump has been around, for decades, with many in socialite circles, and I wouldn’t be surprised that much of his attacks actually come from these sources.


I couldn’t download the pdf since you have to create an account, and if it’s free, why the need for an account.

4 years ago

Marxist dirtbags lining up to replace Marxist dirtbags. Eric the abuser, a thug and a pervert. By now, these guys must have their own wing at Riker’s.

4 years ago

It’s fun to notice how quickly Cuomo reacted, when he frequently ignores serious behavior problems. He is in trouble, running against a woman, and has a reputation of being very self serving.

4 years ago
Reply to  V.Lombardi

Yep. Cuomo had better watch his back (not really). He embraced the men-hating MeToo movement. They want Cynthia Nixon and will stop at nothing to get her. Cuomo had better brace himself because they’re coming for his head.

4 years ago

As someone has said, look at the most outspoken in the “me too” movement and that’s where you will find the worst of them.

Frank S.
Frank S.
4 years ago

OMG. Another phony, hypocrite, virtue signaler, Democrat turns out to be a violent abuser of women. Meanwhile he’s been one of the most partisan NYS Attorney Generals in memory.
Hey Eric. If you do the time you gotta do the time. Imagine the reception this guy would get in Rikers.