Metro Officer Fired After Hardcore Leftist Films Him Questioning an Illegal Alien


A Minneapolis Metro Transit Police officer – a law enforcement officer – was fired for questioning a man on the train about his legal status in this country. The man, Ariel Vences-Lopez is here illegally and is being deported for immigration violations, but it appears it was not tied to the Metro officer.

The media hasn’t bothered to report whether the alien is a repeat offender or if he’s a criminal, although deep into the article on CBS News, they mention the illegal alien was riding without having paid his fare.

CBS News referred to the man who filmed the event as an artist and activist. They didn’t bother to mention he’s a radical revolutionary seeking the overthrow of our government.

It was the officer’s bad luck to have an artist/Communist revolutionary named Riccardo Levins Morales film him. If you want to know who Morales is, you can listen to his youtube videos online:

Morales is well-known. He spoke at a conference on overcoming racism recently and you can watch the video online. He was and is involved in hardcore Communist movements. The video describes him as having been involved int he Black Panthers and anti-war groups. He’s a product of the most radical movements of the ’60s and ’70s. The conference was organized by the leftist FREC, Facilitating Racial Equity Collaborative.

In the video, Morales talks of the “founding crimes” of the “declining empire”. He told the audience to spend their lives fighting “racism, oppression and exploitation”. He’s big into climate change, hates fossil fuels and rails against “ruthless extraction of the land, of the spirit”.

He wants to “overthrow colonialism”, he said. Our society is “impossible”, he insists.

It’s impossible to listen to this entire leftist speech and not be troubled. This guy wants to overthrow our government and destroy our culture, replace it with his brand of communism. He would call me a supporter of the “empire”, the United States. He hates the rich and Capitalism of course.

This revolutionary said that he is from Puerto Rico, the “most important economic engine of the United States” [they’re $70 billion in debt]. He calls the U.S. an occupation force and wants P.R. to be free of us [like FALN terrorists do].

The Puerto Rican people voted on that and they don’t agree.

This unfortunate Metro officer was fired because of a well-known hardcore revolutionary. It’s as if the officer was caught by Castro and the management fired him anyway. The officer violated the sanctuary city rules – illegal rules.

The video taken by Morales went viral among Morales’ many leftist friends and came to the attention of Metro management.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say Ariel Vences-Lopez was detained for immigration violations on May 15. The day before is when the Metro officer questioned him on the light rail train. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers took Vences-Lopez into custody on May 16. A federal immigration judge ordered Vences-Lopez to be deported to Mexico on May 23.

The Metro officer’s report made NO mention of Lopez’s legal status.

In the film clip posted below, the officer asks Vences-Lopez if he is in the country illegally.

Minneapolis artist/commie Ricardo Levins Morales, interrupted the officer and questions his authority in terms of immigration matters as he filmed the officer.

Metro Transit Police Chief John Harrington said in a statement posted on the department’s Facebook page, which we’ve posted below, that the officer who questioned Vences-Lopez had been terminated.

“We … are working to reestablish the trust that was broken by this isolated incident,” Harrington said.

What about the trust of people who want to be safe from unvetted aliens?

“There was no reference to his immigration status in the police reports, nor did MTPD notify ICE or any other agency of any immigration-related concerns,” Harrington said.

So, the officer likely didn’t even cause the man to be picked up and the man was riding illegally. What else did this illegal do wrong?

Communism should not be mainstream. These people want to overthrow our government. Communism killed more people than Adolf Hitler. Yet, Communists can put forth open borders as an American value and get officers fired.

This is the film.

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6 years ago

So now law enforcement officers will face termination for doing their jobs? Where is this officer’s labor union? On the side of the illegals?