Mexican Explosion Follow Up! Families of Thieves Want to Be Paid


We shared a video last night of the exact moment a pipeline exploded as Mexicans were stealing fuel from tapped lines. There is more to the story. Families of the deceased and injured now want to get paid. They want a reward for stealing.

Citizen journalist in Mexico, Paloma, says that the families of the deceased and injured thieves now want money as compensation. It’s being reported everywhere: MVS Noticias news, Noticeros Televisa, Azteca, The Day, Universal etc.

They want ten million pesos for each dead person and five million for each injured person. We are attempting to secure further confirmation of this.


At least 73 to 79 have died.

The tragedy came just three weeks after President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador launched an offensive against fuel theft gangs who drilled dangerous, illegal taps into pipelines an astounding 12,581 times in the first 10 months of 2018, an average of about 42 per day. The crackdown has led to widespread fuel shortages at gas stations throughout the country as Pemex altered distribution, both licit and illicit.

Lopez Obrador vowed on Sunday to continue the fight against a practice that steals about $3 billion per year in fuel.

Much of the stolen fuel is eventually sold on the black market.


This is the clip if you haven’t seen it. Warning, it’s graphic after 1:09 on the mark. People on fire can be seen in the distance in the dark night. Sadly, there were innocent children with the thieves who were seriously injured and deceased

Paloma for Trump has been in the village, trying to help the people.

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