Mexican National Slaughters Grandmother Who Begged for Her Life


A 19-year-old homeless illegal alien named Marco Cobos slaughtered a kindly 75-year-old grandmother Etta Nugent who begged for her life as he stabbed her 13 times until she died. He was identified as a Mexican national but his illegal status is in question. Perhaps he was a DACA recipient or at least eligible since he was in the country for 18 years.

He had been sleeping in a truck he stole in Phoenix, Arizona.

He went to Etta Nugent’s door to ask for help with his truck, forced his way into her home, and stabbed her in the chest. When she didn’t die and tried to escape, he put her in a bear hug, dragged her back into the house and, with another knife he got from the kitchen, killed her.

Cobos stole her car, about $560 from her purse and some credit cards.

“The family of Etta Nugent is heartbroken and in absolute shock at the senseless tragedy that unfolded before them this week,” relatives to the slain woman said in a statement. “Etta was a kind, gentle and generous woman who lived her life with an unwavering dedication to her faith, family and friends.”

“To see her life end in such a tragic, evil matter is simply unexplainable,” the statement continued.

Nugent, a mother of three and grandmother to six, was a retired parish secretary at Holy Ghost Catholic Church and attended St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church.

Nugent’s son found her dead in the living room after she failed to answer her phone or visit her husband Monday morning at a convalescent care facility.

Cobos confessed.

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