Mexican President Blasts Tariffs, Says ‘America First’ is a ‘Fallacy’


Lopez Obrador

President Obrador, a man of the very far left, believes in open borders for the USA and hasn’t been much help stemming the invasion on our shared border.  He responded to the President slapping escalating tariffs on them by calling “America First” a “fallacy.”

“With all due respect, although you have the right to express it, ‘America First’ is a fallacy because until the end of times, even beyond national borders, justice and universal fraternity will prevail,” Mexican President López Obrador wrote in the two-page letter to Trump.

“Universal fraternity” means open borders. It’s easy for him to say knowing they will just pass through Mexico — few stay. “Justice” likely means pay backs for injustice he thinks we inflicted on Latin America.

The Mexican president said his country was doing “as much as possible” to stem the flow of Central American migrants through his country to the United States, and “without violating human rights.”

The key here is “without violating human rights,” which will be his excuse for allowing the continuation of massive migration.

“It’s not that I lack courage; I act based on principles,” the communist wrote. “I don’t believe in an eye for an eye.” He added, “I propose we strengthen our dialogue and search for alternatives for the migration issue.”

López Obrador announced in his letter that Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard will head to Washington on Friday in pursuit of a deal. Ebrard was scheduled to visit Washington in mid-June to meet with congressional and administration leaders.

It is important to keep in mind that these countries, including Mexico, are narco states. Mexico is a failed state.

They Haven’t Been Much Help So Far

~ Mexico has rushed free travel passes to hundred of thousands of foreigners heading for the U.S.

~ His gates are wide open, but in the past, Mexico’s immigration laws were draconian.

~ He campaigned for his presidency in the U.S., where so many of his citizens live, by trashing President Trump.

~ Often compared to Hugo Chavez, Obrador has said it’s a “human right” to travel illegally into the United States.

Keep in mind that as Latin Americans pour into the USA, they come from the most violent region in the world. They account for one third of the world’s homicides.

Aren’t people sick of pretending they are great friends of ours?


Senator Grassley, who has been mum on the invasion at the border woke up to rip Trump for, what he says is an abuse of “presidential tariff authority.”

The Sentinel doesn’t know if tariffs are the way to go and won’t comment on that specifically, but it is odd that Grassley can speak up on some things, just not invasions.

“Trade policy and border security are separate issues. This is a misuse of presidential tariff authority and counter to congressional intent,” Grassley said in a statement.

The lawmaker cautioned that following through on Trump’s tariff threat “would seriously jeopardize passage of USMCA,” a revision of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

So, what we need Grassley to do is give us better ideas on how to stop the invasion, not just condemnation from his seat in the do-nothing Congress.

“I support nearly every one of President Trump’s immigration policies, but this is not one of them,” he added.

We need more than that kind of support from Grassley.

It is fair for Grassley to reject tariffs, but it is not fair for him to be weak on the border invasion. And, couldn’t his comments have waited until after the President meets with Mexico to get a deal? The President is trying to negotiate.


Graham tweeted initial support soon after that, saying, “When it comes to Mexico, I will stand behind President Trump regarding new initiatives to get Mexico to up its game to stop the thousands of illegal immigrants coming from Central America, many with small children, claiming asylum at the southern border. Mexico must become a better partner to stop this disaster at our southern border.”

After the announcement, he sent a two-part twitter statement.

I support President Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on Mexico until they up their game to help us with our border disaster. The illegal flows from Central America must stop and Mexico needs to do more.

If Mexico does not do more we will have over a million illegal immigrants from Central America next year. I don’t like tariffs but in this case it is a national security issue and Mexico needs to change their behavior.

He is aware that Obrador is a bad neighbor.


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