Mexican President Pushes for Tighter US Gun Control


On February 18th, Sentinel reported about a new law passed by Mexican legislators – a mandate for a formal request of our US Senate to create and share a gun registry of all commercial firearms in the border states with the Mexican government and police. Private gun ownership names and addresses would then be in the hands of the Mexican government  and police that all agree are filled with corruption.

As with President Calderone, Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton, Mexico’s gun crimes are being blamed on us. Mexico has easy access to guns from South America and many other countries,  but they ignore that because it is convenient to blame their crime problems on our guns.

The problem couldn’t be their cartels or their corruption!

Their entire country is ruled by brutal drug cartels.

drug cartel areas in Mexico

The pressure from Mexico continues to grow as they attempt to interfere with our Second Amendment rights. I am certain their drug cartels would love to know where our registered gun owners live. They would have access to the information. They have infiltrated the Mexican government at every level.

President Enrique Peña Nieto has come out in public support of measures that would tighten up U.S. gun regulations.

Mexican ambassador to the U.S., Eduardo Medina Mora, said he hopes the Newtown shooting “opens a window of opportunity for President Obama” to pass tighter gun control laws.”

“The Second Amendment and the regulations adopted in the U.S. is not, never was and never should be designed to arm foreign criminal groups,” the nervy ambassador said.

Mexican activists in Mexico City have passed in a petition with 54,000 signatures asking for tighter US gun control.

I think President Obama and Eric Holder have their hands in this but that is speculation at this point.

I like what this Professor has to say:

George W. Grayson, a Mexico expert at the College of William and Mary, doubts tighter gun control laws in the U.S. will greatly affect violence in Mexico. Cartels, Grayson said, can easily find AK-47s and other assault weapons on the international market – places such as China, France, Brazil and Israel.

“The lion’s share of weapons used by cartels come from the United States, but having said that, if the Virgin of Guadeloupe were to stop the flow of weapons southward it would be a nuisance for the cartels but it certainly would not end the bloodshed,” Grayson said.

Ultimately, he said, Mexico would do itself a favor by looking domestically for the roots of the drug war – fixes are badly needed to the country’s corrupt judicial system, military and police force.

Do you think Mexico, the same country that sends us nearly 70% of our illegal entrants, have the right to now tell us what we must do with our Second Amendment? They are working at it fast &  furiously.

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