Mexican president responds to cartels as terrorists, fears invasion


President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Friday he will not permit an armed foreign intervention a century after Mexico was last invaded, Reuters reported.

Designating groups as foreign terrorist organizations is aimed at disrupting their finances by imposing U.S. sanctions. But, the Mexicans are worried it could lead to an invasion.

“Since 1914 there hasn’t been a foreign intervention in Mexico and we cannot permit that,” Lopez Obrador said at a news conference, referring to the U.S. occupation of the port of Veracruz 105 years ago. U.S. troops also entered Mexico in 1916, chasing revolutionary Pancho Villa after he killed U.S. citizens.

Trump has offered military assistance, but Obrador has declined.

“Armed foreigners cannot intervene in our territory,” Lopez Obrador said, instead offering more cooperation with the United States on fighting drug gangs, which have shown their power in a series of battles with security forces and civilians in recent months.

Attorney General Bill Barr will meet with President Lopez Obrador to discuss security cooperation. They are unclear as to what the designation of cartels means exactly.

Obrador has to do more. Drugs are pouring into our country and China’s using them as a conduit

When the President threatened tariffs, the Mexican President was forced to cooperate with illegal immigration. It’s not enough, but Lopez Obrador is weak on handling transnational gangs and they are gaining in strength under his leadership.

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