Mexican Woman Explains What Is Really Happening in Tijuana


Future Democrats with their thousand dollar iPhones want us to know what they think of us in the photo above.

A woman with dual Mexican and American citizenship, who is on Facebook as Paloma for Trump, has a story to tell about the migrants that greatly differs from the one the media is putting out. Paloma wants to get her story out because she says the media is lyiing.

She wrote on her Facebook page, “Guys Tijuana people don’t want the #Caravan violating American law either. They understand that an INVASION is not the way. Don’t believe the news and unlike other cities in Mexico, Tijuana normally elects candidates that look out FOR the people and our good relationship with the United States because THOUSANDS of people cross on a daily basis to buy products in America and sell them here. Our city depends a lot on that. We DON’T want any trouble with America. We love Tijuana and love our way of life. Most people in Tijuana love America, the RIGHT WAY!”


Paloma reports that the migrants are waiting for thousands more to arrive so they can all rush the border at one time. She linked to this article which says exactly that.

It is her belief that corrupt government officials are using this Caravan for political agendas, perhaps in support of the Democrats in the United States, and, as a result, they are putting “OUR country and people at risk!” She said the corrupt Pena Nieto government could be doing this as a distraction.

Paloma said this has been “going on for so long” without the United States stopping it. A lot of these people stay in Mexico and cause serious problems.

The stories about the migrants being abused by Mexicans she said is the opposite of the truth.

She posted a number of videos with her report.

These aren’t her videos but they are informative about the invaders clashing with the locals.

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