Mexican Woman Sues to Strike Down U.S. Immigration Law


A Mexican woman who entered the United States illegally is contesting our immigration laws which allow detention of people here illegally if they are pulled over for committing a traffic violation or breaking a law.

Maria del Rosario Cortes Camacho  is claiming that her five-day detention at a federal immigration office was an illegal arrest.

She is further claiming she is a domestic violence victim who applied for a visa to remain in the U.S.

Mr. Obama recently – unlawfully – legalized any woman who says she is a domestic violence victim. This includes the alleged victims’ children.

An American Civil Rights court has ruled for the first time that foreign women who suffer domestic violence in their home countries can have grounds to seek asylum in the US.

Since we allow chain migration, that will mean hundreds of thousands or millions of illegal immigrants legalized.

Comacho says that two Pinal County sheriff’s deputies unreasonably prolonged her length of detention (5 days) after the September 2012 traffic stop.

“Our deputies took the exact actions as what is required by law,” Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said in a written statement.

The law Comacho is contesting is one the Supreme Court of the United States upheld in SB1070. Specifically, it is a requirement that police, while enforcing other laws, question the immigration status of those suspected of being in the country illegally.

She is using our Constitution and the Fourth Amendment to make her claim. All people here illegally are demanding full rights only applicable to citizens of the United States.

Unsurprisingly, this lawsuit was filed by the communist-like ACLU.

They are offended by that portion of the law – SB 1070 – which mirrors federal law. In essence, this will strike down that portion of federal law, a law which Mr. Obama refuses to follow.

The leftists are ignoring the law of the land and a Supreme Court ruling until they wear people down or win at the Supreme Court. In all likelihood, this will end up a “sue and settle” case in which our administration will claim they are settling a case they no doubt welcome and which falls in line with their open borders views.

We cannot allow anyone and everyone to cross our borders freely, without vetting, without legal passage and remain a country. We cannot give them the rights of citizens and expect we have any rule of law. We cannot afford it, it’s unfair to those who are waiting to come here illegally, and it’s inviting criminals and terrorists to enter our country. It is extremely dangerous.

We are allowing throngs of communists, socialists, and Islamo-Fascists to enter our country illegally and they are all going to register as Democrats which will in the near future ensure that we are under one party rule – that’s, in the least, socialism.