The Colonization of the United States


We love immigrants and we love immigrants from all countries. Immigrants are often better citizens than those who are born here. It doesn’t mean we have to love illegal immigration or being slowly colonized.

Many Mexicans believe that the United States securing of the Southwest was illegal and they plan to take it back, in what is called decolonization of the United States.

President Obama has frequently supported the flood of illegal Mexicans and others across our borders. Recently, he said the following at a fundraiser in San Francisco –

“No matter who you are. No matter where you can came from. No matter what you look like. No matter whether your ancestors landed here on Ellis Island or came here on slave ships or came across the Rio Grande, we are all connected. We will rise and fall together. That’s the vision of America I’ve got, that’s the idea of the heart of America…That’s the idea of the heart of our campaign.”

President Barack Obama’s commitment to providing legal status for illegal aliens is reflected in the time he has spent focusing on our country’s immigration laws in recent weeks. The White House delivered a national address on immigration from El Paso, Texas. It is unclear if President Obama supports full amnesty or a reasonable alternative. What is clear is that the United States is being colonized willfully at times and out of desperation at other times.

El Paso, where the President will present his speech, is across the border from Juarez, Mexico, a city where 3,111 civilians were murdered last year–more than in all of Afghanistan. While the President spoke, shots were fired at a courthouse two blocks away.

In recent weeks, Obama met with current and former elected officials, business leaders and Hollywood celebrities – all whom agreed with his position on the matter – to promote comprehensive immigration reform…” Read here: Obama talking immigration with the most dangerous Mexican City

Mexicans, the average Mexicans, are wonderful people. I should not have to say that but apparently I do. If you say anything short of “I want full amnesty and open borders,” you risk being called a racist. There are other less benign issues that arise because of the influx of illegal immigrants on our southern border. We need to discuss them honestly and openly to come up with an acceptable solution.

There is countless evidence that the United States is being colonized, willfully and quickly, by our neighbors to the south. They like to call it decolonization, but no matter what word you us, it is advocating the overthrow of the Southwest. They will take the South too if they can. There are many supporters of this movement who are proposing full amnesty and an open border.

If we do not have borders, we are not a country. Where do you stand? Illegal immigrants represent countries throughout the world, but the illegal migration from Mexico is a far broader and more deliberate movement.

The Mexican-American Studies curriculum in Tucson advocates the overthrow of the U.S. government. Our tax dollars are paying for instruction on how to reach our own demise. The Tucson school superintendent wants to eliminate the Mexican-American Studies curriculum, which has been a substitute for US History. He is being met with strong opposition and is being attacked as a racist. The Superintendent’s findings are here: Superintendent’s findings Here are curriculum excerpts: Ethnic Studies

According to an editorial in the Arizona Republic, the school board’s plan is not that radical (and some might argue not radical enough). The board only wants to make the classes true electives, instead of allowing them to substitute for core classes.

The Song Decolonize represents the views of the supporters of colonization (advocating the overthrow of the United States) –

In Palm Beach, we have second graders being taught that they are belittled as children of migrant workers. The curriculum emphasizes the need to “change” it and for migrant workers to exercise their “rights.” The fact that they are mostly here illegally does not enter into the “rights” argument. Of course no one wants to see the migrant workers treated badly or unfairly but the message in this curriculum is far deeper than that. Read the curriculum here: Second Grade curriculum

Illegals demanding their “rights” to takeoverthe Southwest – decolonize & reclaim-

Nothing has changed since 2007. Remember when President Calderone told us to give up and accept the colonization of the U.S. by illegals and build bridges of understanding?

Or when our President said we are not defined by our borders (a call for open borders) –

And in 2008, the ad giant Sosa ran 30 second ads promoting illegal immigration: Read here: Ads

La Raza is an activist group that wants unconditional amnesty and full rights for all Hispanic Americans in this country illegally. Our recently appointed Supreme Court Justice, Sonya Sotomayor, was an attorney for La Raza. The group was opposed to Lou Dobbs’ comments exposing the groups agenda. They claimed he was a racist and sought his dismissal from CNN. Lou Dobbs is married to a Hispanic woman.

Raza Unida is a youth gang that believes in decolonization. Here is one gang standing outside a Texas courthouse where eight of their members are on trial for racketeering.

Raza Unida Outside Texas Courthouse

Raza Unida, South American gangs, and the Mexican Mafia advocate reconquering the US southwest. There are offshoots in every state in the South & Southwest. There are places along the Rio Grande where people can just walk across unnoticed. The following videos detail the threat.

Over 1 million jobs have been taken by illegal immigrants who are from all over the world. The fact is that this only represents those who are “on the books” and most are not. “Over the past two years, as U.S. unemployment remained near double-digit levels and the economy shed jobs in the wake of the financial crisis, over a million foreign-born arrivals to America found work, many illegally. Those are among the findings of a review of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau data conducted exclusively for Reuters by researchers at the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Boston.” Jobs taken by illegals

George Soros funds curriculum projects that promote illegal immigration: Soros curriculum and illegal immigration

Now President Obama is going to make the case for amnesty to the 10.4 million people here illegally. There is more likely double that number of illegal aliens in the country and no one will know for sure until they all apply for amnesty. Read here: President traveling to Texas to make the case for amnesty

There is countless evidence we are being colonized. This is a snapshot. In the end, will we be the same country? Will we be a country at all? Perhaps we’ll be a State with open borders such as the former State of Palestine. It’s not out of the realm of possibility.

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