Mexico is threatening the US with legal action after El Paso Murders


In the wake of the mass shooting by an anti-immigrant killer with cultural Marxist views, the Mexican government is threatening legal action against the United States for not protecting Mexican-Americans and their nationals here illegally.

“We consider this an act of terrorism against the community of Mexico,” stated Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard during a press conference. If Mexico’s prosecutor takes the step of officially designating the crime an act of terrorism, it would “permit Mexico access to all the information related to the case,” and “let us evaluate whether there are other individuals involved or potentially involved” that could yet threaten the safety of Mexicans, said Ebrard.

“We consider the issue of arms to be crucial,” said Ebrard.

They would love to see Americans give up their guns.

They might also seek the killer’s extradition, which they know they wouldn’t win. It’s all posturing.

They are just looking to cast blame on President Trump without actually saying it because the President is trying to stop the open borders which fill their coffers.

Ironically, they have constant mass killings with very strict gun laws.

Mexico should worry about their cartels before they concern themselves with our problems. Perhaps we should sue them for all the drugs they send in and the Mexican criminals who have taken up residence.

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