Mexico Issuing Birth Certificates to Illegal Aliens in the U.S.


Mexico is issuing birth certificates in U.S. consulates to illegal immigrants to help out Open Borders Obama, according to a new report.

Mexican consulate

In the past, Mexico required its citizens to get their birth certificates in Mexico. It shortens the wait time and makes it much easier for illegal aliens to avoid deportation, get work permits and federal benefits, et cetera, according to the AP.

About 3 million Mexicans are eligible for amnesty according to the AP but that’s a very conservative figure and it depends on Obama not abusing his own amnesty provisions.

More than half of illegal aliens are Mexicans and in 2013 alone they sent $21.6 billion back home to family. Soon they can send their federal benefits back too.

The House passed an amnesty defunding bill but the liberal Republicans in the Senate won’t approve it. They might as well be Democrats. Maybe they want to take Harry Reid’s place.