Mexico Says There Are Up to 10,000 in the Caravan Heading for US


Fox News reports about 5,000 or 7,000 to 10,000 foreigners are heading to the U.S., mostly Hondurans. These people are openly looking to Democrats to help them get into the country. The timing is perfect for them. The propaganda has already begun, even on Fox.

Brian Stelter and other Democrats can claim there is no organization to the up to 10,000-strong caravan of future illegal aliens but that rings hollow. The cartels are definitely involved in organizing this caravan and so are Hispanic-Americans. Also involved is Pueblo sin Fronteras which is funded by several groups funded by George Soros’s foundation.

This is coming as the election draws near and anyone turned away will have a tragic story to tell. The media will blow up them up into fake headlines as they did with the child separation story.

The incoming Communist president Obrador could have a hand in it. Obrador said it’s a human right to enter the U.S. illegally. He also promised to flood our borders.

This is a typical leftist tactic — overwhelm — so nothing can be done. If we don’t take them in, we will be labeled immoral and the Democrat media will promote that.


About 700 Mexican law enforcement guarded the border bridge filled to capacity with thousands of future illegals, but they were indifferent to the people below who were crossing the river.

The hordes swarmed at the Suchiate River and crossed easily.

The river separating Guatemala and Mexico is the primary crossing point for tens of thousands of Central American immigrants who migrate north each year looking for work, welfare, and to break our immigration laws.

The caravan, numbering anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000, is composed of young, unemployed men, women with children, some families and unaccompanied juveniles. Most are from Honduras.

Once into Mexico, the migrants received water and medical care in a nearby warehouse.

The young men Fox News spoke to said the caravan would resume moving north to the U.S. after everyone was off the bridge.  An organizer for Pueblos Sin Frontiers said they could leave in the next few days.


Mexico also says it asked for help from the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR. A spokesman for the group says it will use the same international criteria used to adjudicate caravan claims as, say, Syrian refugees in Turkey, namely a “well-founded fear of persecution because of race, religion, nationality, social group or political opinion.”

What a sick joke. The U.N. and Mexico working together? We trust this?

The U.N. is providing medical services, food, shelter and whatever else they need.

Mexico will not issue transit visas as they did last year, meaning if immigrants are caught wandering around Mexico, they will be deported. They could start with the Caravan, but will they?

We keep hearing about the deteriorating conditions in Central America. That is Central America. They are always deteriorating. We can’t possibly take all these future Democrats in.

The administration of new President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador takes over in December and he has already said he believes in open borders. He especially believes in flooding the U.S. border. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if he is behind this.

And just in time, the former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Roberta Jacobsen penned an article for The Hill claiming there is “extreme chaos” in the Trump White House. Nothing suspicious about this timing or what she said.


Obrador said it’s a human right to enter the U.S. illegally.

It’s a ‘Human Right’ to Enter the US Illegally Says Future President of Mexico

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marty lopez
marty lopez
5 years ago

We can fix this new caravan crisis without any drama and without the Democratic Party narrative being played over and over in a continuous loop. The solution is simple. All the President has to do is just “Man-up” and seal the border. “Batta boom,” it’s solved, done.

By all means, please do go ahead and deploy the military. And coordinate, or at least announce coordination with the Mexican government, but just seal the border. Close it down, all the crossings. American citizens will be processed of course, but very slowly and carefully. Everyone and every thing else gets turned back. Shut it down closed, as tight as a frog’s hind quarters, a regular, military, check point Charlie, or Carlos, if you prefer.

Then we can begin some deliberate, patient and informed diplomatic discussions with Mexico about how we can secure our mutual frontier. That will cost a lot of very big people a lot of big money and the Mexicans will immediately put their thinking sombreros on. And so will the American corporations who engineered this bit of NAFTA globalism in the first place. Personally, I have a great deal of sympathy for both of these special interests, but the solution is to make America’s border problem, their problem. And that’s the big insight boys and girls, if anyone truly cares to be serious. That’s why they pay me the big bucks.

The Democrats with all of their antics will suddenly become the concern of some very serious and substantial interests. Wanna bet it gets solved fast? Would anyone care to wager, but that the problem of a secure border suddenly becomes a defacto win/win? You see, my dad showed me the back of his hand once. The lesson was, dare I say jarring? The message conveyed, “Where’s there a will; there’s a way.”

As President, the chief executive’s foremost duty is to protect the American heartland from invasion. That would be President Trump’s very under stated position and he can only be expected to be unmovable in his commitment to America’s security. Everything else can be expected to become the pressing problem of those interests who want the border reopened.

Planet Golfish Brain (@PlanetGoldfish)
Planet Golfish Brain (@PlanetGoldfish)
5 years ago

Just like the last hoard, they’ll be let in. Wages will go down as crime, housing costs, taxes etc..will rise.

5 years ago

just send a drone filled with sleeping gas
put them all asleep
pick them up while asleep and take them back where they came from

saw this on goldfinger,james bond movie many years ago

very simple
put them to sleep and pick them up and take them back to where they came from
no shots fired
no deaths

David Rhodes
David Rhodes
5 years ago

I am here to tell you do not disrepair over this news. It actually coundn’t come at a better time. My reasoning is this: This invading army (as the AP puts it) is a winning issue for the republicans across all demographics. It’s the single biggest issue why Trump is in office today and how he beat 16 republicans in the primaries. This is all happening just as voters are about to go to the polls and vote! It’s such a perfect winning issue in fact, that I would even say it’s orchestrated by Trump himself. MAGA!!!

5 years ago

Don’t tell us about it Mexico take your responsibility under International Law and do something about it or risk bloodshed and a real war with the US. It’s high time that you deal with your own problems instead of foisting them on the US and it’s citizens. I have nothing against these people because of their ethnicity but everything against them and you their illegal activity against my nation while you essentially do nothing to stop it. That in my book is an act of war Mexico against the US. Is that what you are vying for? Is this an example of the Mexican Standoff that I remember from the 50’s when I was a child? Have nothing against these people or the Mexican people providing they behave legally.