Mexico Wants Us to Register Guns & Give Them the Registry


no way jose

You say what??? Mexico lawmakers voted to ask our US Senate to create and share a gun registry of all commercial firearms in border states to include California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas!

It’s not only problematic because of Fast & Furious, it’s problematic because their police and government are corrupt.

The timing of this is all very suspect since President Obama is trying to pass oppressive national gun laws to include gun registration. It’s very suspicious!

Mexico should worry about their drug cartels and the guns in their own country. We are talking about a country that kept an innocent former marine imprisoned for months under deplorable conditions over a shotgun he tried to register. I surely don’t think we can trust them with this information.

I don’t think we can trust our own government on this issue after Fast & Furious. Their are endless possibilities for how this information could be misused.


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