Mexico Wants You to Surrender Your Guns


While we have terrorists and drug cartels pouring in from our open southern border, Mexico wants us to give up our guns.

“Mexico’s Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu in late August asked the U.S. Congress to restrict the sale of assault weapons as ‘they cause harm on both sides of the border,” China’s Xinhua News Agency reports.

She called at the Second Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty of the UN for the U.S. Congress to pass a new ban on firearms that she labels “assault weapons.”

Massieu cited the “news” arm of the PRC…the government that has called U.S. gun ownership a “human rights violation”…*

A human rights violation??? Can people see how dangerous and absurd this is? Our president instigates this.

Mexico has wanted our semi-automatics for years as if that’s the problem with their cartel-ridden culture. They love to blame our lax gun laws. They have strict gun laws and we see how that has worked out. They are similar to the liberals/leftists here who think if they get rid of all guns in the country, problems will be solved.

She’s probably unhappy about the hundreds of Mexicans who have died from Fast & Furious guns.

This December will mark the sixth year since Brian Terry was murdered over gun walking — Fast & Furious. You all remember when AG Eric Holder testified that he couldn’t remember anything or forgot what he once remembered.

After Agent Terry died in a firefight with Mexican bandits using Fast & Furious guns, his house was ransacked and his devices were taken from his house.

Just as a reminder, the ATF allowed more than 2500 AK-47s and other firearms to be bought and trafficked by Mexican cartel members. They were not tracked.

Hundreds have died from these guns. ATF whistleblower John Dodson exposed the doomed operation in 2010 after Agent Terry died.

The only time Barack Obama has used executive privilege was over Fast & Furious.

Notes hidden in his work boots were found by his brother Kent after he was murdered and after he discovered them, the government went through Mr. Terry’s home without a warrant and took all his electronic devices. When they were returned, the devices had been completely wiped.


The notes detailed several occasions when Agent Terry stopped vehicles on the way to Mexico that were laden with AK47 rifles in their original manufacturer crates. He radioed his superiors each time and each time he was told, “let ’em through.” Terry also found ammo buried in the desert.

It so alarmed him, he hid notes in his boots. He told his mother two months before his murder that he was worried “something bad was going to happen.”  He also told his mother that “two bad agents” had “aggressively confronted him”.

Agent Terry might well have stumbled on Fast & Furious. Did it cost him his life?

At the time, many on the right believed Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder were behind the program and planned to use it to promote their anti-gun platform.

When our government isn’t sending guns, criminals do send guns to Mexico and, on the other hand, illegal military grade weapons go from Central America through corrupt Mexican officials to the US.

We won’t see adequate investigative reporting on Fast & Furious but our government officials will side with the Mexican officials on taking away our gun rights.

It’s corruption on both sides of the border.

We need to be concerned about the UN and Mexico calling for our guns — it adds to the narrative. Hillary Clinton’s priority is to see Heller and McDonald overturned.

The Democrats agree with Mexico — they want our borders open so we can fill the country up with Democrats and they want our guns.

The whistleblowers paid a steep price for their honesty:

The Fast & Furious Investigation Destroyed Lives Including Those of the Whistleblowers


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