Mexico Will Deport 500 Migrants Who Attempted to Cross the Border


Mexico plans to deport almost 500 people who attempted to storm the U.S. border Sunday, according to the interior ministry, the BBC reported.

The large group were rounded up after trying to cross the border “violently” and “illegally” on Sunday, the ministry said in a statement.

Video footage shows dozens of people – including women and children – running towards the fence that separates the two countries near the city of Tijuana.

The statement added that “far from helping their objectives”, the migrants’ actions had violated the legal migration framework and could have led to a “serious incident”.

Instead of waiting to be processed for asylum, and it will be a long wait, they will now be sent back to Honduras or whatever country they came from.

Some migrants pushed through blockades of Mexican forces.

Some migrants got through a fence separating the border but were met by U.S. forces firing tear gas at them.

The migrants tried to protect themselves by covering their faces, with mothers holding their children close.

Most of the panicked migrants turned back and ran away from the gas as riot police began surrounding them.

There were scuffles with police in some spots and some managed to squeeze through a fence but border patrol was waiting for them and fired tear gas at them.



    • The Communists directing and financing this “invasion” need to be exposed and prosecuted for conspiracy to violate the immigration laws as well as for human trafficking and the resulting injuries and deaths that are occuring every day. Bill O’ Reilly has identified the groups that have are promoting and funding and this tragedy and they need to be prosecuted and imprisoned.

      • An honest DOJ could easily start indicting the conspirators.

        O’Reilly should have been border conscious back when he endorsed both amnesty bills and also budgets which included no wall construction. He hurt the cause for many years.

  1. Send them back…think the organizers are stupid…they are playing to the camera and the fake stream media that claimed there was no caravan…muchless the obvious invasion…by putting ALL the few women that are there , IN THE VANGUARD…Dealing with “evil” here folks!!!

  2. Not a @#@4 chance, empty words from an empty government who let them
    into Mexico, provided free services and police protection illegally to begin with.
    Trump had to pussy out too. Army to the Border my ass. It is all over from the midterms,
    the hope of Trump saving america is over.

    The satanic courts are what really rule the western world now known as Babylon.
    The Antichrist and his satanic doctrine of pacifism will rule the world, all who
    don’t bow and obey it will be deemed terrorists and imprisoned, and have
    all their possessions and assets confiscated. MARK MY WORD.

    The antichrist IS HERE.

    • The antichrist has been among us for a very long time yet good men and women have stood up and overcome his dominance. Do not despair, do not acquiesce and keep up the fight. Trump may have prepared the way for the emergence of another leader who will protect our civilization.

  3. Not a bloody chance. These vermin frothing sodomite atheists and their Islamic attack dogs, globalists imposing no borders, no countries, Anti Christianity agenda have all the power and will only continue to engulf all as was foretold through their satanic courts, accords, treaties, pronouncements, dictates. Only those who refuse the vile NT doctrine of pacifism which the Antichrist ironically uses as his main doctrine (because it is the basis of all evil in the world) and go to WAR against him and his vile sickening imposed pacifism doctrine he got from Jesus who caused all of this evil with that turn the other cheek bs, have any chance to remain remotely free of this satanic tyranny engulfing the world.

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