Mexico’s Giving Visas to Every Illegal Who’s on Their Way to the USA


Mexico has given more than 4,000 humanitarian visas to the latest migrant caravan entering their country. Every foreigner who steps foot in Mexico gets one on their way to the USA. The country under President Obrador is leaving the gates wide open as he said he would.

However, Mexico is offering to let the illegals stay in their country. They mostly choose not to stay in Mexico.

The National Institute of Migration (INAMI) has registered 4,009 requests of visitors for humanitarian reasons to the same number of adults. There are 790 requested for minors. They will get visiting cards in the border port of Cd. Hidalgo on Sunday.

According to the most recent figure granted by the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), in the INAMI delegation in Chiapas, the following requests have been received: El Salvador 405; Guatemala: 270; Haiti: 4; Honduras: 3257; Nicaragua: 72 and one of Brazil:1.

In the case of the 790 visitor requests for humanitarian reasons of migrant children and adolescents, 34 correspond to El Salvador; 52 to Guatemala; one to Haiti; 691 from Honduras; 11 of Nicaragua and one of Brazil.

That’s one caravan! There are at least three caravans on the march and a total of 60,000 with independents a month crashing our border.

The cities in these hellhole countries are emptying out, and some of the people will be our burden.

Nothing to see here! Why would anyone say there’s a crisis? Everything is just fine.


  1. Contrary to the belief of some Mexico is not a friendly country to the US. The US should terminate all aid to Mexico and all the central American countries immediately. Asses a tax on all monies sent to these countries by residents of the US. Build the WALL now.

  2. Didn’t Cuba do this in the ’80’s? It just puts their financial burden on us, relieving “THEM” of having to care or give a FXXK about their own people.

  3. Trump’s failure to do anything about the border shows his acquiescence. Trump is going to do absolutely nothing with the border. He said he would close it, make Mexico pay for the wall, stop catch and release, no DACA, no anchor babies, no chain migration, and no more visa lottery. Trump has no guts just talk.

  4. yes…please send us your mentally ill, diseased, convicted criminals, drug smugglers, human traffickers, child molesters…they are all potential democrats. How can we get through another election without these valuable “assets”?

    • Talk is cheap, we need to close the borders now, until we can get a handle on this invasion. This is completely unsustainable and at the same time, very scary. We don’t know who’s coming here. It’s a recipe for disaster!

    • not ‘potential’ dem ocrats. what? do u think that ANy of them will vote repub? THIS is why Pelosi and her fawning fanfare are licking their chops.

  5. Close the border..cut all aid to Mexico and Central American countries, tax all financial transactions leaving US south of the border. Send military to the border. Build the wall as a national emergency.

    • this is ALL part of Pelosi’s plot. She’d rather destroy the USA under a republican than anything. she lives behind a wall in SF herself, so she knows that SHE is safe, and thats all the matters to them.

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