MGM Resorts to Fund Terrorist Group, Hate Groups


MGM Resorts will fund CAIR, ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center, among other leftist organizations. Yahoo News reports that MGM Resorts will match employee donations to what they call ‘civil rights groups’. The groups they will fund include: The Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC], NAACP, Anti-Defamation League [ADL], Human Rights Campaign, Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR], OCA National-Asian Pacific American Advocates and League of United Latin American Citizens.

MGM is the largest casino operator in Vegas. A friend of mine worked for them in a high-level position. He told me they were Mafia-run.

MGM can support anyone or any organization they want but it’s sad that they support organizations that demonize people who are not on the far-left.

CEO Jim Murren made the announcement in a letter, saying he felt compelled to speak out against “the degradation of basic human dignity” following the deadly attacks in Charlottesville and Barcelona in recent days.

He said the company champions diversity and inclusion. Murren said MGM believes in free speech but that it would not tolerate hate.

The groups he is supporting are all left-wing, some are worse than others. We will concentrate on CAIR.

CAIR is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and their progeny, Hamas, as we know from the Holy Land Foundation trial. Linda Sarsour, a sharia-supporting Islamist, teams up with communists during her many hate riots.

The Council on American Islamic Relations seeks to normalize Sharia tenets that are antithetical to the rights afforded by the Constitution of the United States.  Americans concerned about CAIR’s history and agenda are being silenced and censored in the name of political correctness and leftist bias.

Listen to Patrick Poole discuss CAIR and their communist ties in the next clip. The Muslim Brotherhood has had connections to communists since the mid-20th century. It’s called the green-on-red alliance.

Patrick Poole, who has studied the issue extensively and written books on it, works for PJ Media.

He explains that organizations like CAIR are Muslim Brotherhood but our government turns to them for advice on terrorism.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is an unabashedly far-left hate group that is anti-right, anti-Christian. They declare ordinary Christian groups like the Freedom Research Council as hate groups. They suffered a violent attack because they were singled out by these people. Rarely do they find a left-wing group to be a ‘hate group’. They are radically pro-Islamist no matter how radical.

Anyone who criticizes radical Islam, like Robert Spencer [not to be confused with Richard Spencer, the nationalist] or Pamela Geller, are called haters.

We would be negligent if we ignored the ADL. In 2014, under the Obama administration, the FBI cut ties with the Anti-Defamation League.  The Department of Justice used to provide access to the propaganda published online by the Anti-Defamation League, according to the Daily Caller.  ADL is also very radical.

MGM stands for radical leftists.

Their holdings include: Bellagio, Beau Rivage, Circus Circus, Delano, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay Resort, MGM Grand, Mirage, Monte Carlo, New York New York, The Signature and Vdara Hotel & Spa.



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