MIA De Blasio found interviewing, admiring a Communist instead of working


Comrade DeBlasio, the mayor of New York and a presidential candidate, spent a total of seven hours working at City Hall in May. He is too busy campaigning and has earned a whopping 0% in the presidential polls. That shows the USA isn’t lost yet.

De Blasio is unique for a U. S. Official in that he is a communist.

Although he was caught not doing his job in May and most other occasions, it didn’t stop him from giving an interview when he was supposed to be on the clock. He missed two public engagements.

The interview came to light when the reporter tweeted a photo of him admiring the radical reporter’s t-shirt sporting the visage of Angela Davis, a 1960s communist radical.

The shirt was worn by Terrell J. Starr who was conducting the interview for The Root. The tee brazenly features a picture of the Black Panther, Black Separatist, and former Communist Party USA leader, Angela Davis.

Davis faced serious charges in 1970. She provided the guns that were used in the murder of a judge during an escape attempt by her lover, who was also killed.

Davis escaped justice and taught her Marxist ideology to kids at UCLA for three decades.

The evidence that Bill De Blasio, née Warren Wilhelm, is a communist is mounting.

Comrade DeBlasio illegally spent his honeymoon in Cuba while a friend of Davis’s, Assata Shakur aka Joanne Chesimard, a cop killer, was there. He also traveled to Nicaragua to support the Communist Sandanistas while then-President Reagan was supporting the freedom fighters.

As mayor, he has wistfully talked of confiscating the properties of rich landlords to give them to people who deserve it — in his mind.

In June, the absentee mayor quoted another Marxist, the late Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara, to striking airport workers in Miami.


Captioning the photos, Starr writes, “Just interviewed @BilldeBlasio about his 2020 run. Great interview, but he really loved my Angela Davis shirt!

The reporter was agitated that the NY Post wrote about the communist Davis on the reporter’s t-shirt and he responded by saying he didn’t associate it with communism.

To this day, Davis hopes to overturn our form of government.

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