Michael Cohen Said Moscow Deal Had Nothing to Do with Prez Campaign


Catherine Herridge appeared on Fox’s America’s Newsroom this morning and gave some details about the Cohen case from a draft of a two-page summary.

It seems Michael Cohen lied about discussions of the proposal with Russia for a Trump Tower. It did not end in January 2016 as he told the House committee in 2017. Discussions continued until June 2016. The discussions were also more involved than Cohen originally let on. He spoke with Mr. Trump twice and, he said, as far as he knew, Trump was never in touch with anyone but Cohen on two occasions about the proposal, which included Trump signing a non-binding letter of intent.

The Trump Tower proposal in Moscow had no relationship to the Trump Presidential campaign and it had nothing to do with alleged collusion with Russia regarding the U.S. election. That was according to Cohen’s statement today. Herridge read the following:

Both I and the Trump organization were evaluating this proposal and many others from solely a business standpoint and rejected going forward on that basis.

He said it was strictly business.

Catherine Herridge spoke with someone close to the Trump team and they questioned how this is material to collusion since the deal fell through. They also don’t understand how the change in timing ties into collusion. She said:

How is a change in the timing and any discussion of travel material to a crime of collusion? Because the one fact that has been a constant here between the statement to Congress and now a statement to the court this morning is that the deal fell through. It never went through. So how is the change in the timing as well as the conversations material to a crime in this particular case?

It’s also uncertain how Felix Sater fits into the mix. He said in emails in 2015 that the project would help develop a relationship with Putin but, again, the deal fell through. Also, Cohen said they only discussed it from a business perspective and it had nothing to do with Russia.

If Mueller has nothing else, this seems like another nothing burger. Judge Napolitano said Mueller might be going for conspiracy. Who knows.

Perhaps this is just more of the fishing expedition. If so, this is unconstitutional and is violating President Trump’s civil rights.

Not all information is in so there is a lot of conjecture here.

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Vinnie DellaSperanza
Vinnie DellaSperanza
5 years ago

Donald Trump received the Republican presidential nomination on JULY 19, 2016. prior to that date, he was simply a candidate seeking nomination and his business dealings would be irrelevant to his activities during his actual presidential campaign. given the dates stipulated by Cohen, a proven liar, what relevance does this possibly have to a criminal investigation of Trump ??

5 years ago

Its all just a nothing burger period, its just feed for the idiots that get their info from the Joseph Goebbels news networks (If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes accepted as truth) CNN/MSNBC are just drooling over this latest Cohen plea twisting and turning the facts with their panel of lying idiots to make it look like Trump is in big trouble (Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play……Joseph Goebbels quote) the fake news is the enemy of the people DJT quote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!