Michael Cohen Says He Won’t Testify, Dems Say, Yes You Will!


Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal attorney, told the Democratic House he would gladly testify about his time with the Trump organization when first asked. His legal advisor Lanny Davis said Cohen hoped testifying would reduce his prison sentence.

Then the fake BuzzFeed story came out.

Last week, the authors of the debunked BuzzFeed story claimed Michael Cohen told the special counsel Robert Mueller that Trump told him to lie to Congress. BuzzFeed embellished with a claim that documentation backed up Cohen’s story.

The special counsel’s office issued a statement debunking both accusations.

Perhaps Cohen and Lanny Davis are the sources for the BuzzFeed story, and they lied. Who knows, whatever the case, Cohen has suddenly backed out of testifying.

Still trying to hurt the President, Cohen’s claiming he’s afraid the president’s people will kill him or his family. That’s the reason he’s giving to put off the February 7th appearance before the House.

Davis and Cohen must be thinking of Hillary. She’s the one with the dead bodies popping up.

Lanny Davis [also a liar] mentions the threat he claims Cohen’s under in this brief montage:


Reporters asked the President about Cohen’s alleged fear, and the President responded, he’s “threatened by the truth.”

“I would say he’s been threatened by the truth,” Trump told reporters in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. “He’s only been threatened by the truth.”

“He doesn’t want to tell the truth for me or other of his clients,” the president added.

Cohen is a notorious liar.


Democrats say not appearing is not an option.

    • Greg, a perjury trap is what the Dem’s want him to fall into. Then they can hold it over his head and ask him at the Trump impeachment “Now, are you absolutely sure it happened this way or did you really hear, as we suspect, it happened this way?”

  • Does Congress have the authority to force a subpoenaed private citizen to testify? Eric Holder as a government official refused to testify before Congress and as Attorney General was a high ranking government official and member of the then administration. Congress held him in contempt but nothing happened which set a dangerous precedent. I’m not defending Michael Cohen in any way but he is a private citizen. I am no radical nor am I an anarchist. I respect the law and obey the law. But given what Holder and other Obama Administration officials got away with regarding Congressional subpoenas, why should Michael Cohen or any other private citizen be compelled to testify before Congress? Who are they? They have no law enforcement authority. They have no judicial powers. They work for the citizens of the US and not the other way around.