Michael Cohen Trashes, Blames, Threatens Trump for His Crimes


Michael Cohen will begin serving 36 months in prison about 80 miles from Manhattan in March and will have to pay about $2 million in fines and penalties. Since he became a felon, he has switched his party affiliation to Democrat. He must feel more comfortable as a Democrat.

It’s not likely Cohen has anything more to offer Robert Mueller, or Mueller wouldn’t have allowed the sentencing to go forward. The fact that his crimes involve lying also makes him a useless witness.


Lanny Davis, Hillary Clinton’s lawyer, and ally says Cohen will have plenty to say about President Trump when the Mueller investigation is complete. Cohen should be a big hit on CNN and MSNBC. They can interview him from behind bars — great optics. His inevitable memoir should hit the discount bin in no time.

Davis, who will assist Cohen, not as an attorney, but as a friend, told reporters that false testimony was shared with the White House before Cohen submitted it to Congress and it is possible Trump was aware at the time that Cohen would make false statements.

‘It’s possible’ hardly cuts it.

Davis will arrange for Cohen, the convicted liar, to share his story with the congressional committee of Democrats who hope to impeach the President.

Cohen is presenting himself as an honorable man doing the right thing for his family and country; In other words, he’s the victim. Everything he did was because he felt it his “duty” to cover for the President, he claimed.


Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti was in the courtroom during the sentencing Wednesday. “Michael Cohen is neither a hero nor a patriot,” said Stormy’s attorney. “He deserves every day of the 36-month sentence that he will serve.” Laughably, he added, “This nation owes a sense of gratitude to my client Stormy Daniels.”

Why do we all get to see her pole dance?

Avenatti should be careful wishing ill on others since he’s under FBI investigation himself.



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