Michael Cohen Went to a Law School Ranked Last in the Nation


Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen went to the worst law school in the country — The Thomas M. Cooley law school in Western Michigan. The school admits 85 percent of the applicants and more than half of the graduates fail the bar. The tuition is $51,000 a year.

Cohen used to tell people he went to law school in Michigan, giving them the impression he went to the prestigious University of Michigan, Page Six reports.

They also reported that Cohen was “bitter” Trump didn’t make him the campaign manager, choosing Paul Manafort instead.

In 2017, Cooley was forced to go to court to fight over its accreditation from the American Bar Association after being questioned on its admission standards. The ABA found that the 46-year-old law school was out of compliance on basic admission standards, according to Politico.

The general counsel James Robb was disappointed to hear people make fun of the school upon hearing Michael Cohen attended the school.

He called the naysayers, “elitists. who don’t appreciate or care about an opportunity to succeed.

It looks like Michael Cohen plans to turn on President Trump, but who knows if he has anything on him. So far, he has nothing.

Cohen picked the Clintons’ lawyer to serve as his counsel and he released his nothing tape to CNN. His appearances are all with enemies of Trump’s and he has criticized Trump’s critical comments about the media.

Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani is giving TV appearances telling people Cohen’s a liar before Cohen lets the next shoe drop.

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