Michael Flynn Might Have Been Framed


The FBI said Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, probably never lied, yet he had to plead guilty to lying in order to avoid a protracted fight he could no longer afford. The Justice Department overruled the FBI. Flynn might have been framed by the prior administration.

What took place is Lt. Gen. Flynn spoke with a number of foreign diplomats after Trump won the election. That is to be expected. One of them was Russian Ambassador Kislyak. The conversations were wiretapped and leaked illegally.

Flynn and Kislyak discussed sanctions.

For some reason, perhaps to frame Flynn, the Obama Justice Department became concerned and decided it was a violation of the Logan Act.

No one has ever been successfully prosecuted under this questionable act. The government tried in two cases in the 1800s and failed. The Obama administration used this act as a pretense.

They used this excuse to interview Flynn his fourth day on the job. Sally Yates sent the FBI over to him. The very trusting secretary Flynn did not have a lawyer with him at the time.

In March, then-Director Jim Comey told Congress the FBI did not think Flynn lied to them. Flynn seemed “confused” and “couldn’t remember”.

Between March and December 1st, something happened to change all that. Mueller came in with his team of witch hunters and decided Flynn did lie after all.

On December 1st, Flynn pled guilty to one charge of lying to the FBI and is “cooperating” with the agency investigators in their Russia probe.

They likely threatened Flynn with investigating his son, and perhaps with more serious charges.

Michael Flynn was probably framed

The Justice Department took the partisan accusations of a very partisan attorney general who ginned it up into a crime based on The Logan Act.

No one could ever be successfully prosecuted based on this 200-year old law. It is likely unconstitutional.

Ret. Lt. Gen. Flynn pleaded guilty because the case caused tremendous strain on him and his family. It also bankrupted him. He had to sell his home, his last asset.

These are police state tactics.

Then there is the real felony. Whoever leaked the details of the Flynn conversations committed a felony and has never been prosecuted.

Byron York came out with the details in this clip and in an article.


  1. You’re not going to hear much until it comes time for the president to start running for his second time, then watch, everything that could possibly hurt his re-election will be the topic from the investigation. You’ll hear little trickles between now and then, but re-election time will bring out what ever they think can hurt them. They don’t want a business man being successful because that would put the politicians out of business.

  2. You betcha, and the same thing will happen to President Donald J TRUMP

    if he is forced to be questioned by corrupt mueller and his demonic emps

    under oath, because mueller is looking for any inkling that might even sound like a lie

    which would be such a farced witch hunt!!!

  3. Michael Flynn never lied and yes he was targeted by Strzok/FBI/Brennan. Flynn played along for the reason that will be revealed in due time. Michael Flynn is an honorable man who served 27 years as chief and MI (military intelligence).
    Admiral Michael Rogers, Mike Flynn and a host of other military leaders and white hats in the FBI, DOJ and CIA observed during Obama’s years in the white all the treason committed as well as running and sponsoring terrorism. They all knew about the NWO’s plan titled “The 16 years plan to destroy America”. A plan was set in motion that took nearly 3 years to complete and Donald Trump was part of this plan to take all of them down. They collected and intercepted all intelligence, calls and more among them and others abroad. They had to act to save this country. The voting machines were ready and rigged to go to enable Hillary’s win. It was prevented by white hats and patriots who knew Soros’ voting machines had been rigged.
    Here we are the plan is in motion and the diabolical plan to destroy this country in shambles. The NWO and their rogue agents are on the run and desperate.
    They are scrambling and having lost control and power are desperate. What you see exposed is just the beginning! Flynn played along and plead guilty for something he did not do that was meant to be a trap for the corrupted FISA court judge Contreras who approved the FISA warrant and charged Flynn with lying. Imagine that! A judge knowing that he approval surveillance of Flynn and then turns around to takes over the case filed against Flynn? See what they did here?
    Well – I mentioned earlier: Follow #Qanon and http://www.reddit.com/r/CBTS_STREAM and stay on top of actual news the Mocking Bird media tries to cover.

    • Based on your readings I wonder if you see the 3 heads of the DOJ – Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller, as the last firewall protecting the conspirators.

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