Michael Flynn’s New Lawyer Wrote the anti-Mueller/Weissman Book


Former NSA/General Michael Flynn has replaced his legal team with former U.S. Attorney Sidney Powell. That is big news. Ms. Powell is the one who wrote the book about Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissman, and others on his team.

She is very familiar with their ruthless and unAmerican tactics. This is a sign that the General is going to fight back to whatever degree he can.

His sentencing has been put off any number of times.

Ms. Powell said the General will continue to cooperate with the government. She told Sara Carter that his file is massive and it will take 90 days to get through it.

Powell wrote the book about Mueller and Weissman titled, License to Lie. She has a website dedicated to them called, Creeps on a Mission.

In February of 2018, and at other times, Ms. Powell has described their unethical shenanigans to Sean Hannity. You can hear that interview on the link below.

Sydney Powell gave examples to Hannity of Mueller’s outrageous behavior in the Arthur Anderson case. That is something that is confirmed by other legal experts including Professor Jonathan Turley.

Andrew Weissman conducted a fully corrupt witch hunt in the Arthur Anderson case.

She believes he is the poster boy for prosecutorial misconduct. With the stroke of a pen, Weissman destroyed Arthur Anderson and put innocent people in jail, Ms. Powell states. He eradicated criminal intent when he instructed the jury, leading to a very wrong decision in the case. The Supreme Court found unanimously against Weissmann’s prosecutions.

Innocent people were put in solitary confinement for over a year for doing nothing wrong. Tens of thousands lost their jobs. Listen to her on this link.

General Flynn’s brother is out supporting the Russian-British professor who was slimed along with Michael Flynn by the real bad guys.



  1. Weissman fled town.

    Powell will try to expose the exculpatory evidence and contempt of the court citations against the prosecution. It would destroy the entire Mueller operation.

  2. Sydney Powell is a brilliant attorney with vast legal experience. I am sure she will win the Generals’s case and reveal the true criminals were Mueller and his team of Commiecrat “creeps,” to use her term. Mrs.Powell should be the next nominee to the Supreme Court. She will uphold the Constitution and clean house at the Department of Injustice. I urge all to read her book “license to Lie.”

    • I have seen Sydney Powell many times (she has a great interview on Epoch) I never could tell if she was still practicing. Good to hear this news!!

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