Michael Moore Donates $10,000 on Behalf of Trump Assassination Play


Filmmaker, hardcore leftist, and Trump hating Michael Moore made a very public display of his $10,000 donation to the New York City’s Shakespeare in the Park. This donation was to help compensate for their lost funding due to what has been dubbed the Julius Trump play.

Michael Moore just wants to see Trump assassinated

‘Julius Caesar’ is really Donald Trump. During  the play Julius is stabbed in a bloody mess 100 times by minorities and women. Caesar even has a wife with a Slavic accent.

The brainless audience cheered the assassination because that’s who they are now as Obama or Hillary might say.

Moore wrote on Facebook that he’s donating to stop this effort to limit free speech. If the free speech, the play, involved stabbing Barack Obama 100 times, would we see this same reaction from Moore? The answer is ‘no’ and it’s not about free speech. It’s about supporting a play that shows Trump brutally assassinated, nothing more.

Moore is performing in his own solo show, ‘Terms of My Surrender’, this summer. That should be a step down from the assassination.

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