Michael Moore Picks a President


Socialist/Communist filmmaker Michael Moore, a Trump hater, believes Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), another socialist/communist, can defeat the president heading into the 2020 election.

Moore argued that “the weakness of the president” could make Sanders’s White House bid successful in 2020. He made his comments in a Tuesday interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

The hard-left gasbag, who lives large but promotes socialism/communism, is mistaken if he thinks the President is weak enough for Americans to vote for a full-fledged communist. We are, however, close.

Moore thinks Sanders is “perceived as the real deal” by voters, giving him another boost for his campaign.

The oldish white man Moore declared that the Republican Party is made up of old, white men. [As compared with the Democrat Party of old white men an old white woman?]

“Man is that white and old and male,” he declared. “Those are the dying dinosaurs, and they know it. It’s not their America anymore. They are the minority now.”

They are? He says 70% of the voters next November will be women and people of color.


Moore is a self-loathing old white man.


People need to read this next blur and make a judgment.

This is in response to the 2nd Amendment fight now taking place in Virginia which just turned deep blue overnight.


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