Michael Moore in a State of Odd Hysteria Demands Cleansing


Michael Moore hysterically demanded the removal of Trump and change in the U.S. political climate at the Peoples’ State of the Union held the night of the President’s SOTU.

Windbag Moore denounced America and the people who helped make it what it is. “We must remove and replace the culture that gave us Trump in the first place,” he railed.

Trump’s the “result of a corporate takeover of our democracy,” the anti-Capitalist yelled to his cheering crowd of commies.

The round blowhard claims there are “three original sins of America”. America, he said, enumerating our sins, “was founded on genocide, built on the black backs of slaves, to the subjugation of women to second-class citizenship…”

What he doesn’t seem to know is the United States in actuality was the first to establish a Republic built on the notion of freedom and equality for all. His communism would take freedom away.


Most notably, the loon said America must be “cleansed” of its “white male privilege.”


  1. The U.S. used to lock people like Moore away in an insane asylum. Doubt we could build them *big enough* to house Moore and all the other looney leftist.

  2. I don’t understand why these imbeciles such as mikel Moore wants to move America into a “one world order” like many liberal democrats and some republicans are trying to point us to!!! It’ll never happen as long as we keep true American patriots in office such as Trump.

    • Michael Moore suffers from delusions of relevancy. He is not really obese. He is a spineless sack of loose skin enclosing a humongous turd. Give the bastard a flushing enema and he could be buried in a cigar box.

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