Michael Moore Suggests Invading Countries for Their Socialist/Communist Ideas



Michael Moore wants to invade countries for their socialist ideas which includes two months of free vacations and free education for all. He bloviated about Germany offering free college education to Americans. Who in their right mind would want their child brainwashed in Germany?

Moore doesn’t care that the EU has unsustainable debt to give all these handouts to people – we do too after all.

He’s right, we will one day be Greece.

Much of the debt the US has is due to socialist ideas put into policy form.


One of Michael Moore’s most high profile admirers was Iran’s former fascist dictator Ahmadinejad.

Moore has become a multi-millionaire capitalist hypocrite by condemning capitalism as an “evil system”. He hates America, sees Americans as gun-crazed and deeply racist, with whites building their wealth on the backs of slaves. The insurgents and terrorists who killed US soldiers in Iraq are heroic minutemen who will be victorious according to him – at least he hoped so.

He was down at Occupy Wall Street to support them. Having been there, I can tell you they were all communists, socialists, and anarchists, though the anarchists were mostly overshadowed by the others. There were a handful of libertarians who were not wanted and didn’t fit in.

Moore wants free everything and universal healthcare which hard-working Americans will pay for him as he wallows in splendor afforded him by the capitalist system.

Global warming, which he entirely blames on man and mostly on Americans will destroy our species, he says.

In 1983 Moore traveled to Nicaragua to observe the Communist Sandinistas. Moore hated Reagan who was supporting their opponents.

In 1986 Moore was hired as editor of the San Francisco-based socialist magazine Mother Jones. He was authoritarian and arrogant as well as “arbitrary,” “suspicious,” and an “unavailable” conspiracy theorist who was quickly fired.

He sued, got an award and went to work with Ralph Nader. Nader fired him for not doing the job.

Moore produced a TV show next but it failed due to a lack of viewers. He went on to writing false accounts with vicious anti-American themes and made his mark, moving on to false documentaries. Even when the lies were uncovered, he got away with it. Read more at Discover the Networks.

One of his most repulsive efforts was a MoveOn.org Obama ad he created in which a very elderly old woman in a nursing home setting, informs the world that if Mitt Romney is elected “We will burn this mother f—–r down” and another who graphically says that she would punch Mitt Romney in the groin and yet another makes the threat of observing intimate relations from the afterlife once he has departed this world.

That’s his idea of a joke with a not-so-subtle suggestion that America will crash and burn if a more traditional American is elected.

Here are some of his more famous quotes:

“White people scare the crap out of me.”

“Capitalism is against the things that we say we believe in — democracy, freedom of choice, fairness.”

“The products built in the factories of GM, Ford, and Chrysler are some of the greatest weapons of mass destruction responsible for global warming and the melting of our polar icecaps.”

“It turns out Cuba has this incredible healthcare system for a very poor country.”

Moore recently divorced his wife of 22 years Kathy Glynn and the settlement revealed that they own nine properties in Michigan and New York, including a Manhattan condo that once was three apartments. CelebrityNetWorth.com pegs their wealth at $50 million.” They have a 10,000 square foot home on a lake worth $2 million.

He is the personification of a hypocrite.

One has to wonder why he doesn’t move to one of the communist or socialist countries he admires so much.


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Doc Farmer
Doc Farmer
6 years ago

Note to Mr. Moore: Golden Corral Buffet, Benihana’s, and Burger King are NOT “countries”…