Michael Moore’s Roaring Anti-Trump Film Debuted to a Whimper


Michael Moore’s new fake documentary Fahrenheit 11/9 is off to an unpromising start. The reviewers say it’s a “messy” but thoughtful anti-Trump satire.

Moore can’t resist calling Trump a “Hitler” who is marching us off to Nazi Germany, even as he praises the hard-left Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whose communist ideology would actually march us to just such a place.

Bizarrely, he tries to tie President Trump to the Flint water crisis, which was primarily the fault of local Democrat officials and the Obama EPA. Trump wasn’t even in office, Obama was.

Moore uses the Twitter handle @MMFlint, trying to give the impression he’s from Flint, but he’s a San Francisco Marxist.

The film’s debut pales compared to his one successful film, Fahrenheit 9/11. The box office will be well below the numbers predicted at its opening. Unless it picks up, it will quickly fade away. Theater owners aren’t going to put up with films that aren’t money makers.

The Hollywood Reporter on the box office:

“Unless traffic picks up, Fahrenheit 11/9  is headed for a sixth-place finish with a $3 million-$4 million debut from 1,719 theaters (pre-release tracking had suggested at least $5 million-$6 million)…

…In 2004, Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 debuted to a record-breaking $23.9 million from 868 locations. Otherwise, his films, similar to other political or specialized docs, have launched first in select theaters before expanding their footprint in order to capitalize on word of mouth.”

The Chicago Tribune review:

Chicago Tribune‘s Katie Walsh said Moore has a noble goal and is obviously sincere. “But as a filmmaker, Moore needs to save himself from his worst indulgences, which undercuts his good work”.

“…you wish he had resisted such giggle-inducing montages, such as Trump’s election night party soundtracked to opera or laying Trump speeches over Leni Riefenstahl’s “Triumph of the Will.” It’s cheap, indulgent filmmaking, and frankly, it’s not funny, not even in a dark way.”

“But as much as Moore loves making fun of Trump any chance he gets, in “11/9″ he has truly the knives out for Obama and establishment Democrats. Trump gets off easy compared to Pelosi and Obama, and Moore argues Trump is the force of chaotic evil necessary to burn the whole rotten system down. He shreds Democrat organizations to pieces while focusing on the new guard of leftist candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…”

“…But Moore quickly plunges us back into the darkness of Trump, ominously predicting an inevitable march toward Nazi Germany, likening the Reichstag fire to Sept. 11, in terms of the political ramifications.”

It’s bombing so far!

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3 years ago

I do hope this nasty flick FLOPS and it’s maker leaves the country as promised. Maybe mexico, cuba or S&IT hole venezuela??