Michelle Obama Gets Signed for Practice Squad for Pittsburgh Steelers


Michelle eating what the kids can't have

Just kidding! The Steelers don’t want her. This article is about her starvation program for school children while she herself obviously takes in a lot of calories every day.

Michelle Obama, who has a legitimate concern about youth obesity, has solved the problem in an unusual way. She’s made school lunches so undesirable that children would rather not eat at all.

There is a lot of waste in that children throw their uninviting lunches into the school trash, but Michelle’s USDA has that covered also. They suggest that schools have the option to give second helpings and provide snack programs for those children who need more food than the one-size-fits-all lunch.

Isn’t that nice of them to give schools so much freedom.

Then there’s this from the space cadets at the USDA: “Schools can creatively engage and educate students to increase acceptance. To encourage students to consume foods to which they may not be accustomed, school may employ multiple strategies, including taste tests before introducing new foods on the menu, creative marketing/presentation of foods, and offering multiple choices within food components.”

What’s the purpose of school? Is it a test tube for dietary habits or is it to learn to read and write?

I can hear the lunch monitors now – Look at this liver, kiddies, yum, isn’t this good?

Schools will have to trick the children into eating saltless, tasteless meals. That’ll work!

Mac & cheese, grilled cheese and tomato soup are now off the school lunch menu. No more spaghetti and meatball lunches!

The USDA’s new lunch requirements has caused a significant downturn in students who eat school lunch. The loss of revenue is endangering the sustainability of cafeteria programs.

At Fayetteville-Manlius, Baldwinsville, they simply decided to give up the Federal dollars and offer their own program. They’re not alone.

On Long Island, one district has to order from the deli! Two schools in Miller Place, Long Island had to change lunch caterers, allegedly to meet the new requirements. It will probably take them a couple months to find someone to cater so they are ordering from a local deli, undoubtedly spending a lot of money.



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