Michelle Obama Is the Face of Obesity Propaganda and Banned Foods



Mrs. Obama is seen here entering the 2500 calorie per person feast for French socialist president, Francois Hollande. It was a feast fit for the elite but not for the American peasant.

The media is giving Mrs. Obama credit for a decrease in obesity of 2 to 5 year olds while ignoring the fact that there was no change in all other age groups. There is no link whatsoever to the change and Mrs. Obama but the correlation is subtly being made anyway. At the same time, the government is planning to ban marketing of junk foods and sugary drinks at all schools, including colleges. They have already banned some “junk foods” and new bans are on the way courtesy the Department of Agriculture.

Bans won’t stop there obviously. This is no different than former Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on salt, large sodas, and so on, it’s just being done more gradually.

It was only a decade ago when people who insulted obese people were excoriated, now the deriders are encouraged because the president has made every American responsible for everyone’s every healthcare need. Michelle Obama, in keeping with her husband’s agenda, promoted the idea that obesity was a national emergency, especially among the young.

The media is insinuating that Michelle Obama is responsible for reducing obesity in preschoolers by 43%.  This comes from a recent government survey that claims America’s 2 to 5-year olds are slimming down. The media follows up all reporting of the study by touting Michelle’s anti-obesity campaign and her phaseout of junk food in schools.

The Department of Agriculture under the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010,” touted by first lady Michelle Obama, has rigid standards which many parents claim leaves their children hungry.

The standards — which cap meal calories at 650 for students in kindergarten through fifth grade, at 700 calories for middle school students and 850 for high school students — also dictate the number of breads, proteins, vegetables and fruits children are allowed per meal. There are penalties for schools that don’t comply based on government audits every two years.

Some schools work around the one-size-fits-all meals by offering seconds for a $1 and in some cases, parents send their children in with lunch though there are some schools that actually prohibit parent lunches, if you can believe that.

The meals offered in schools are generally the same processed garbage they feed to prisoners. They aren’t “healthy” as advertised.

This latest survey claims that preschool obesity (ages 2 to 5) has fallen from 14% in 2003 to 8.4% in 2011 and 2012. This is data compiled by the government, specifically the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The survey authors said that “obesity prevalence remains high and thus it it important to continue surveillance.” “Surveillance” means government intervention. The government wants to intervene in every aspect of your life.

The media is lauding it as a 43% drop. The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Sentinel Journal calls it “stunning.” All the articles read the same, crediting the drop in part to nutrition at child centers and the rise of breastfeeding (leftists want every new mother to breastfeed), but they all follow up with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program, as if in the same breath.

The abstract from the Journal of American Medicine which reported the survey results said it “concludes that there have been no significant changes in obesity prevalence in youth or adults between 2003-2004 and 2011-2012…There was a significant decrease in obesity among 2- to 5-year-old children (from 13.9% to 8.4%; P = .03) and a significant increase in obesity among women aged 60 years and older (from 31.5% to 38.1%; P = .006).”

It sounds like the government and Michelle Obama might have had nothing to do with the decrease but that is not the impression given by the media or the White House.

The government and the media are crediting the government’s clamping down on fast food and sodas as significant without any evidence. In fact the study shows there has been no change for school-age children.

In addition, surveys have shown that sit-down restaurant food is not necessarily better than junk food.

In the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, researchers from Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania studied more than 2,600 menu items at full-service restaurant chains like Olive Garden, Red Lobster and T.G.I Friday’s and concluded that the sit-down spots exceed the recommended calories, sodium, and saturated fat for a single meal.

Shall we ban restaurants altogether then?

The government now wants to phase out all junk food advertising on school grounds, athletic fields, and scoreboards during games, all in an effort to control the eating habits of Americans.

Michelle Obama, a leading force behind government-mandated eating habits, said that “This new approach to eating and activity is not just a fad.”

We will soon see new rules affecting marketing. Any promotion of sugary drinks and junk foods around schools, even on college campuses, during the school day will be banned by the Agriculture Department in their upcoming school marketing rules.

Even food sold near a school will be monitored and controlled by the government. No vending machines or “a la carte” lines will be allowed in the lunch room. Even in colleges, the government will limit the calories, fat, sugar and sodium allowed in food and beverage sold during the school day.

It won’t stop here. The banning of certain foods and advertisers around schools is only just the beginning.

As I’ve said before, they will one day have us eating bird pellets, but don’t worry, you can smoke pot until you are mind-numbingly apathetic and stupid.



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