Michelle Obama Says Millennials Are “Knuckleheads”



Michelle Obama on The Jimmy Fallon Show

Mrs. Obama made an appearance on The Jimmy Fallon Show last evening, partly to push ObamaCare on the 20-somethings. She had an interesting sales pitch. She called them knuckleheads.

Michelle Obama said, and I quote, “young people are knuckleheads” if they think they don’t need ObamaCare. She is so right! How stupid Millennials are for not wanting to go on to an insecure site that works sometimes to buy insurance that could cost far more than the penalty for not buying it. What dopes.

Youth can stay on their parent’s health insurance until they are 26, Mrs. Obama reminds us, and they can, if their parents still have insurance that is.

It’s a good thing too since only half of them will get jobs by age 26 unless they want to flip burgers after college. Word has it that the salaries for burger makers are about to skyrocket.

Why stop at age 26, why not round it out to age 30? Actually, they should make it age 35 since a new study shows that 29% of people under age 35 live with their parents. Let’s call them kids and put them on the government dole.

Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama made a joke out of the fact that the website wasn’t working. No biggie! Hundreds of millions of our tax dollars went to waste and fraud on a website that could have been created successfully for a fraction of the cost. Some tech experts say it should have cost $10 million.

These are the people who want to control every aspect of our healthcare.

Mrs. Obama said it’s working now, which is a bit of an exaggeration.

Mrs. Obama didn’t mention the fact that enrollment will be significantly lower than the 7 million needed which means insurance companies will have to be bailed out.

She didn’t bother to mention the 28 unconstitutional delays and changes her husband made to the bill nor did she mention the constitutional infringement on freedom of religion which the bill enshrines.

Mrs. Obama is a charming person, too bad she’s a socialist.

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