Michelle Obama Tells the World Barack Had No Scandals


Michelle Obama, during her performance at the Essence forum, claimed there were “no scandals” during Barack’s reign. Interviewer Gayle King nodded agreeably as if it was the truth.

This is ridiculous.

The former First Lady began by explaining Barack’s audiences were real Americans who looked like America, suggesting Trump’s are not. She lamented her husband allegedly being dragged over the coals and feeling they “had to do everything perfectly.”

She said:

OBAMA: “You know, no scandal, no —“

KING: “Yeah.”

OBAMA: “No nothing.”

KING: “Yes. No scandal.”

OBAMA: “No nothing at all. I — I think it was a lack emotionally. So by the time I got on that plane —“

KING: “It was a release —“

OBAMA: “It was on a release of 8 years of having to try to show up as we all know we have to do. We have to show up not only perfectly but a little bit better than perfect to even be considered —“

KING: “Yeah.”

OBAMA: “— equal.”

Both she and her husband reached the pinnacles of power, with a lapdog media to help them skate on the socialism they touted, and she stills sees racism in it all.

There were plenty of scandals, but if we say it, we’re racists or something.


  • Benghazi Controversy.
  • IRS Scandal.
  • AP Phone Records Scandal.
  • Keystone XL Pipeline Controversy.
  • Illegal Immigrants and Obamacare.
  • Sequestration and the Federal Budget.
  • Use of Executive Power.
  • Gun Control Controversy.
  • National Security Agency PRISM Surveillance System.
  • Solyndra
  • Fast & Furious
  • VA – officials got bonuses as veterans died
  • Politicized press and agencies
  • stimulus theft for unions
  • Obamacare – keep your doctor, your insurance, your hospital (he guaranteed it), premiums reduced by $2500 less for the average family, horrible website
  • Hillary Clinton’s private server – he sent emails to that address under a fake name
  • The Pigford scandal
  • Bowe Bergdahl – the scandalous handling of the court-martial and the trade of this deserter for five vicious Taliban
  • Iran nuclear deal and ransom payments
  • GSA lavish parties
  • Secret Service gone wild with idiots in charge
  • influencing Israeli elections
  • Spying on journalists and Angela Merkel
  • GM bailout – he violated the spirit of the law and precedent by putting the investors at the end of the line and paying off the unions.
  • He told Medvedev he’d have more flexibility after his second election

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