Michelle Wolf’s Deleting Tweets But Her Past Is on the Wayback Machine


Michelle Wolf is the ‘comic’ who single-handedly destroyed what was left of the media’s reputation during her obscene performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner this past weekend. Apparently, she has recently deleted over 21,000 tweets. She isn’t terribly proud of them and we know why.

The Daily Mail wrote, “The controversial comedian deleted thousands of tweets in which she poked fun at the Trump administration and made vulgar comments about celebrities.”

Her Vile Past Haunts the Wayback Machine

Even though they are deleted, many can still be found in various ways. We have a sampling.

In one post she wrote, ‘I can’t believe trump is pro-life. I’m pretty positive that eric [Trump] is an abortion [sic].’

She made multiple jokes about women’s tennis star Serena Williams secretly being a man, the Mail wrote.

‘If Serena Williams and Madonna had an arm wrestling match, no one would win, and they’d both walk away with raging boners,’ she wrote in one tweet.

In another, Wolf wrote ‘LeBron James was named Sports Illustrated Man of the Year. Sorry Serena, so close.’

If you go to the Wayback Machine and use this link — https://twitter.com/michelleisawolf — you will find her asking in a tweet: “Who took the finger out of Kaye’s butt” and “Why is Kim Kardashian acting like people care about her now”.

You can read her tweet claiming, “Ted Cruz’s face is a Halloween mask version of a face” and, “Scalia, I’m just glad you died after Beyonce’s halftime performance.”

Much of what she writes can’t be repeated but we will give you this one, “It was me. I wrote the book. My favorite part of interviewing Steve Bannon is when he farted into a jar and them married it. I wanted to judge but you could see it was true love.”

She is not funny, her voice is irritatingly grating, and she is very nasty. What kind of person would listen to her? In fact, we hope this is the last we will ever write about her as she sinks into ignominy and obscurity where she belongs.



  1. Down in the Ghetto, down in the ghetto, way down in the Ghetto……..not even funny, who would pay to hear her sad rants,……really?

  2. Sorry to say, I believe that she’ll be a big hit on Netflix where she will be followed by the mind numb liberals. The same morons who think that the Daily Show is real news. SAD

  3. I’m hoping her 15 minutes is near its end. Hope to never hear her name spoken again.

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