Migrant Swedish Teens Roam Streets With Kalashnikov Assault Rifles


In Malmo, Sweden, the third largest city, teens roam the streets with rifles as crime surges and attacks on police become more frequent.

Sweden is or was among the world’s safest, richest and best-run countries enjoying steady growth and rising employment. But it has been experiencing an unprecedented surge of bombings and sexual assaults.

In a country of 10 million people, more than 320 shootings and dozens of bombings were reported in 2017, along with more than 110 murders and 7,226 rapes — a 10% increase on 2016. More than 36% of young Swedish women say they feel unsafe at night.

The crime surges take place in the “areas of social exclusion”, the immigrant areas. In Malmo, where a fifth of the 340,000 inhabitants are under 18, children as young as 14 roam the streets with Kalashnikov assault rifles and bulletproof vests. The London Sunday Times tells us.

Women do not feel safe at night.

Sweden expects 2 million migrants in the next ten years in a country of 10 million.

One out of 8 Swedish women will be raped in their lifetime.

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