Migrants in Paris Attack Jews, More Rapes in Sweden, How’s That Assimilation Working Out


North African men screaming “Dirty Jews!” attacked two Jewish men with a hacksaw in Paris. In Sweden, two women were brutally raped by a cab driver last Saturday. Mass migration doesn’t work.

A fight broke out in Bondy, Seine-Saint-Denis, between two 17-and 29-year-old Jewish brothers and two aggressors at a red light. The victims, who were traveling in their vehicle, said they had been the stared at insistently before being threatened: “I’ll kill you, you dirty Jew.”

The Jewish brothers were forced to stop their car and attacked by a group of Arab men in a suburb of Paris.

According to the National Bureau against anti-Semitism in France, two attackers, a father and a son, had been following the brothers in another vehicle, and when they saw they were wearing yarmulkes they drove ahead, blocked their car’s path.

After the vehicle forced the brothers to stop their car, they were surrounded by several men whom they described as having a Middle Eastern appearance. The men came out of a hookah café on to the side street, according to the case report published by the news website JSSNews.

The alleged attackers surrounded the brothers, then kicked and punched them repeatedly while threatening that they would be murdered if they moved. One of the alleged attackers then sawed off the finger of one of the brothers.

“The BNVCA asks the police to do everything possible to identify the aggressors, a father and son described as of North African origin,” a spokesperson said.

Both brothers were hurt and hospitalized after the attack. They are said to be in shock.

French media reported on Friday morning that an investigation was launched Tuesday.

It came amid fears over anti-Semitic violence in France, where a gunman loyal to Isis killed four people at a kosher supermarket in January 2015.

Extremist gunman Mohammed Merah also targeted a Jewish school in a shooting spree that left seven people dead in 2012, while the Brussels Jewish Museum was attacked by an Isis supporter in neighbouring Brussels in 2014.

France, which has the third-largest Jewish population in the world, has seen a decrease in reported anti-Semitic attacks over the past two years according to interior ministry figures.


Ironically, socialist French President Hollande was offended that President Trump mentioned in a speech a week ago that “Paris isn’t Paris anymore”.

“I won’t make comparisons but here, people don’t have access to guns,” Pierre Hollande said. “Here, you don’t have people with guns opening fire on the crowd simply for the satisfaction of causing drama and tragedy,” Hollande said, responding to questions during a visit at the Paris Agric fair.

Then there is Sweden.

There have been numerous rapes in the heavily migrant areas but the media won’t report who the perpetrators are. As in France, the general public is unaware of the epidemic of Swedish rapes because there has been an orchestrated effort by mainstream media and the Swedish government to deliberately mischaracterize offenders and downplay the number of incidents.

Two women were brutally raped Saturday morning by a minicab driver and another person in an unknown location.

Police have been very secretive about suspected violent crimes in Järfälla. Police did finally confirm after nearly a week that two women are suspected of being raped.

The women have indicated to the police that during the night they took unbooked minicabs from a restaurant in northern Stockholm.

Police were alerted to the scene at 04:30 on Saturday morning and the women were transferred directly from the scene to hospital.

One person was arrested on Saturday but released after questioning. The person is still a suspect.

As late as last week there was a suspicious attempted rape in Järfälla. A woman alerted police then two men attacked her and dragged her into the woods. This incident occurred just days after a woman reported that she was subjected to an assault rape in a jogging track in Järfälla.

The recent rape is different from the others. Police are investigating as they carefully refuse to describe the suspects in the heavily migrant area.

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