Migrants Sue ICE Over Detention with the Help of Hard-Left Groups


Illegal aliens who break our laws are now suing ICE thanks to the same open borders groups that encouraged them to come in the first place and who provide them with free legal services.

The groups have put together some illegal aliens [migrants] currently in U.S. detention facilities ready to say they are mistreated in one way or another.

The group filed a lawsuit on Monday over alleged shoddy medical care and poor accommodations for disabilities, the Associated Press reported.

Filed by “disability and civil rights advocates,” they reported complaints from illegal immigrants included being placed in isolation as punishment. They also say that they were denied recommended medical treatment and surgery. We don’t know who did the recommending.

Other complaints in the class action lawsuit include being denied wheelchairs and a sign language interpreter for one deaf detainee.

Monica Porter, staff attorney at Disability Rights Advocates, told the AP the problems harm disabled immigrants and threaten those who get sick.

This is another attempt by the hard-left to keep the borders open and garner publicity and sympathy. They are behind almost all of this illegal immigration and they are deliberately flooding the system to take it down, replacing it with a hard-left one.

Tim Fox, co-executive director of the Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center, went after the private companies that often run the detention facilities.

“ICE cannot simply contract with third parties to operate its detention centers and then wash its hands of the deplorable, unlawful conditions in those detention centers,” Fox said, according to the news agency.

They would love to cripple ICE more.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of 15 illegal immigrants and nonprofits and includes complaints from eight facilities [flooded with illegals], according to the AP.


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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
4 years ago

I wonder if their disabilities are so bad how they walked from Central America to the US. And, of course, if they don’t like how they’re treated they’re welcome to go home. And “home” isn’t anywhere within the borders of the United States. And take the leftist communists with them.

4 years ago
Reply to  Tim Kuehl

Also the traitors who are willing to throw away your hard earned tax dollars to cater to the miscreants…