Mike Bloomberg apologizes for saying Cory Booker is well-spoken


Michael Bloomberg had to apologize to Sen. Cory Booker, who is Black, for calling him well-spoken. Cory Booker, who is a Rhodes Scholar, is well-spoken, so call me racist. If he was White, he’d still be well-spoken. He didn’t say what Joe Biden said about Barack Obama that he was “the  first African American… who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

I don’t agree with what Sen. Booker says but he says it well.


Bloomberg referred to New Jersey Senator Cory Booker as “well-spoken” during an interview with CBS This Morning Anchor Gayle King.

“Cory Booker endorsed me a number of times and I endorsed Cory Booker a number of times,” Bloomberg told King. “He’s very well-spoken. He’s got some good ideas. It would be better the more diverse any group is. But the public is out there picking and choosing and narrowing down this field.”

So, what the hay is wrong with that? Apparently, it’s an anti-Black trope, no matter how clearly he states it and how sincerely he means it at face value.

Social media dopes accused Bloomberg of saying Booker was well-spoken as a comment on his intelligence.

Bloomberg said that he “probably shouldn’t have used the word,” and reiterated that he’s friends with Booker.

One would think that being his friend would mean something. If he’s his friend, did he mean it in a condescending way? Is Bloomberg a racist?

“I probably shouldn’t have used the word, but I could just tell you he is a friend of mine,” Bloomberg said. “He is a Rhodes Scholar, which is much more impressive than my academic background. I envy him.”

Bloomberg said Booker was well-spoken and he meant it because Booker is well-spoken, but Booker was taken aback, and social media tore into Bloomberg.

Give me a break. Please stop with the paranoid political correctness. Sometimes words mean exactly what they say. The man is well-spoken, hello.

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